Joseph Medina, Video Producer

Joseph Medina is writer, photographer, and videographer from Arlington, Texas. He’s currently a senior at the University of North Texas. He is a Media Arts major and English minor with a main focus on screenwriting for film/television. He is a comedy nerd, avid comic reader and x-files/ paranormal enthusiast with a love for anything Dan Harmon, Marc Maron, and Kevin Smith.

Joseph became enamored with film during his time at community college in Arlington. He shifted from his former focus, art history, to film when he moved to Denton in 2012. An active member in UNT’s short film club Joseph has worked on several film productions in and around Denton. Over the past four years Joseph has watched as Denton’s vibrant art, film and music community has grown and exponentially developed into something truly unique.

While Joseph’s main passion is screenwriting, he has spent the last year as a videographer and photographer working alongside groups such as Denton Staged and Sofar Sounds to help promote and expand Denton’s varied musical scene. Additionally Joseph has worked for the DIY channel, 35 Denton music festival, and collaborated alongside Thin Line to expand his experience in photography and media production.

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