Welcome Back, Paschall

Entering the reopened Paschall Bar, the feeling is familiar. Christmas string lights towards the top of the staircase make it easier to see the stairs. Paschall has been closed since June for renovations and had a soft opening on the first evening of September. 

The new changes aren’t immediately noticeable, but a walk around the bar makes it apparent there’s more seating and more walking space. There's also a pool table inside an added room.

New paintings hang on the walls, while older pieces have received newer frames. Paschall Bar also upgraded their wood flooring and got ahold of a few new carpets.

Bartenders have more room at the bar as they make drinks for the patrons who have dearly missed the comfortable speakeasy above Andy's. The bar is one of the more obvious changes, as it has more functionality and more space.
“The whole point is to make the service faster,” said Cameron Trevino, a bartender at Paschall.  

The serving area is better organized and affords bartenders increased productivity. The extra room comes in handy when bartenders are creating mixed drinks or walking behind one another. 

One thing missing from the bar, sadly, is the drafts. However, Paschall now offers more beer options and liquor specialties. Instead of serving beer on tap, they serve it in bottles, getting rid of any unnecessary messes in the process. The changes not only help the bartenders, but they also help with the bar's occasionally stressful capacity.

“It feels a lot better serving,” Trevino said. 

Improving the bar took top priority over making changes to the menu. If you’re looking for something different to try, there’s always a different featured drink every week.

Paschall Bar will officially re-open the week of September 4, and they will make an announcement posted on their Facebook page. And yes, music lovers will find Sunday jazz nights restored to Paschall.

Photos by Zendra Morales
Header image designed by Christopher Rodgers