Torchy's Tacos Comes to Flower Mound

This is probably the only article I will ever be able to write where I can say it started with a Dirty Sanchez. A Vegetarian for over a year at the time, I was so excited to finally make my way into a Torchy’s and find they had several Vegetarian friendly options (included the aforementioned) , a decent seafood variety, and who hasn’t ordered off that “secret” menu?The queso brings together flavors that could put your current favorite stop to shame, fluffy and crisp tortilla chips, and big ass tacos. 

Well, the taco gods have answered, and a Torchy’s is making its way to the Highland Village/Flower Mound area. What started as a modest food truck in Austin back in the earlier 2000’s has taken over the metroplex with its custom taco creations, and they continue to deliver quality food time and time again.

The Shops at Highland Village have seen tremendous growth over the past several years. I remember driving down F.M. 407 with nothing but fields and trees on either side of the road as we went to the brand new Super Target when I was a kid. Now the Highland Village/Flower Mound area is booming with retail and restaurant options from every angle. You can scoop up groceries at Whole Foods, grab a pint at What’s on Tap, and fill your belly at any of the several restaurants located in the many shopping centers that line F.M. 3040 and 407.

Torchy’s Tacos is throwing a party to celebrate on Monday, December 19th from 5pm-8pm, where you can partake in free tacos, free drinks, chips and that glorious queso, and giveaways. The full menu will be available and the store is open to the public. The official opening will be Tuesday, December 20th at 7AM.