Taps & Caps Denton Offers a Walk-Up Window To Fill Your Growler on the Go

 Photo by Christopher Swain

Photo by Christopher Swain

Just when you thought Denton’s craft beer scene couldn’t get any better, along came the city’s newest establishment, Lonestar Taps and Caps. Taps and Caps is the brainchild of Sam and Rick Ali of Lonestar Beverages, a premier craft beer retail store in Carrollton, TX.

Before opening the Denton location, the passionate duo focused their efforts on bringing something to DFW that only a few others have attempted: a store specializing in not only offering a vast array of craft beer on draught for on-site consumption but the ability to fill growlers of any beer on tap for off-site consumption.

Imagine the tragedy of discovering your new favorite beer at a restaurant or bar only to find out that it’s not bottled or canned by the brewery. What do you even do about this? Taps and Caps has you covered, and makes sure you can enjoy that special unique beer, whether keg-only or limited release, in the comfort of your home or with friends.

With 50 different taps at Taps and Caps, you can do just that.

The family opened the first Taps and Caps in Lewisville, and it was an instant hit. After the success of the first store, Rick sought to bring the same level of enthusiasm and success to Denton. Lonestar Taps and Caps Denton, located at 505 W Hickory Street, offers the best of both stores: a one-stop-shop for craft beer. 

Upon first initial reaction when visiting their store last weekend, you see it’s spacious. Extremely spacious.

 Photo by Christopher Swain

Photo by Christopher Swain

On the left, you’re first greeted by a row of refrigerated coolers similar to a grocery store’s freezer aisle, filled to the brim with craft beer bottles and cans to purchase. On the right, a jaw-dropping tap wall. Fitted with 50 different taps and a row of flat screens indicating what beer is assigned to each tap, including the beer description, serving size, and price per glass/growler-fill. What’s even more impressive is that each beer has an indicator showing how much beer is left in the keg and if it was just tapped.

Amazed? It gets better. Their website is entirely synced to the digital menu in store. Before leaving your house, you can see what is currently on tap and how much of the beer remains in the keg.

After purchasing a delicious brew, finding a seat was not an issue. Venturing deeper, the store opens up to a large assortment of tables (standing and sitting) and seating at the bar.

Did I mention how spacious this store was? 

The store also offers free Wi-Fi, making this the perfect place to grab a beer and study for University of North Texas students who dwell close to this establishment. The large chalkboard style walls are decorated with various t-shirts available to purchase, upcoming events, and chalk drawings of all things Texas craft beer related. 

As if that was not enough, Taps and Caps Denton offers growlers to-go. But aren’t all growlers to-go? Yes. However, Taps and Caps Denton’s storefront features a “Growl n Go!” window where you can just walk up and fill a growler without even stepping foot into the store. A to-go growler to-go, if you will.

Additionally, did you know that there’s no open container law in Denton, so long as the container is not glass? Instead of walking up to fill a 32 or 64 oz growler, why not opt for a pint to go. According to the shop’s owners, Taps and Caps just started offering refillable 16oz to-go steins, perfect for enjoying on Denton’s courthouse lawn.

A lot of thought went into this store, and it shows. It’s spacious, well lit, and offers an impressive selection of craft beer. The staff is extremely cordial and well-versed. While you’re there and if it’s on tap, be sure to try their signature beer, All Eyez On Me. Taps and Caps collaborated with Cobra Brewing Company to create a Toasted Coconut Imperial Stout. It’s delicious and very reminiscent of a liquid Almond Joy. Lonestar Taps and Caps takes pride in calling themselves “Your Craft Beer Heaven.” I can see why.