Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea is coming to Denton

Coffee house franchise Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea is opening a new location in Denton, Texas on Teasley Lane. Sweetwaters Teasley will be opening up early summer and will sell all Sweetwaters beverages as well as showcase local art and music, co-owners Jeremy Schmucker and LoriAnne Schmucker say.

Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea is a franchise local coffee house that originated in 1993 in Michigan. Now, there are almost 30 shops across the country and three are opening in the metroplex, one of them being in Denton.

Located at 3220 Teasley Lane, Denton, Texas, Sweetwaters Teasley will be “a good neighborhood cafe,” in Denton, Jeremy Schmucker said. The coffee house is in the middle of a neighborhood, adjacent to Denton-Area Teacher Credit Union (DATCU) bank and a CVS pharmacy.

“Even though we are a franchise, we are very much a local cafe where we want to support local,” LoriAnne Schmucker said. “...It’s not a transactional type of cafe but more of a feel good, home away from home type feel.”

Local art will be displayed will change about monthly, she said. The goal is to have open mic nights at the cafe to get local musicians to play their original music and showcase their talents.

As for the menu, LoriAnne Schmucker said their products contain real ingredients.

“There are no ingredients you can’t pronounce,” Jeremy Schmucker said. 

There are no fillers, powders or preservatives — similar ingredients you might find in a regular coffee beverage from other cafes.

“An example of that would be our strawberry bliss,” LoriAnne Schmucker said. “This would be like Starbucks’ strawberry frappuccino, where I can’t tell you how many ingredients are in the strawberry frappuccino but in our strawberry bliss it is milk, condensed milk, ice, strawberries and yogurt and it is delicious.”

Sweetwaters’ teas are also different from other cafe shops since Sweetwaters uses loose leaf teas instead of tea bags. Jeremy Schmucker said the teas are from around the world and there will be a variety of black and green teas as well as matcha (green tea from Japan) for customers to choose from. 

Besides coffee and tea beverages, Sweetwaters Teasley will be offering milkshakes, ice dragons (frozen beverages), pastries and desserts. Some products sold are decaffeinated, LoriAnne Schmucker said.

“It is really important for us to have offerings for the entire family,” Jeremy Schmucker said. 

This is the Schmucker’s first business together and they hope to open another Sweetwaters in the Denton-market within 12 to 18 months, he said. The location will depend on the demand for a Sweetwaters.

“We love our community and we want to share Sweetwater’s products with our community,” Jeremy Schmucker.

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