Rock n Roll Sushi Names Roll After Jessie Frye

Photo by Lauren Rushing

Rock n Roll Sushi sticks to its theme by naming its rolls after legendary music artists such as Elvis and Madonna. Now Dentonites can request a roll named after one of the town's own accomplished musicians, the Jessie Frye roll. That's right, RnR has taken a local twist in naming a roll after the singer who today premiered "Faded Memory," a song featuring Timecop 1983. 

TheJessie Frye Roll is packed with the dripping tastes of honey ponzu sweetness, (drip, drip, drip of my heart...) and sriracha sauce complete with seared salmon, yellowtail, green onion, jalapeño (for the kick!) and avocado.

Owner Tony Villarreal knew he wanted to do something local when his brother gave him a suggestion - Jessie Frye. It wasn't long before the meeting was scheduled to discuss the opportunity.

Villarreal, Frye, and RnR’s chef, Paul Fonzie then worked together to form a concoction that represented the famed singer of "Honey" and "One in a Million."

“I am glad Rock N’ Roll Sushi asked me to be a part of the experience,” Frye said “We got together at the restaurant and collaborated on creating the roll. We shared the idea for adding honey to the sauces. Salmon is my favorite fish so it had to be in the roll!”

'Frye-day' is a perfect time to catch this sweet new menu item. Frye takes music and gives it a punching flavor, so it's only fitting that a food named after her would also be delicious.

Rock n Roll Sushi is located at 321 W. Hickory St. Suite 100. It's located by Pizza Snob. 

The Jessie Frye roll looking glorious
Photo by Lauren Rushing

Photos by Lauren Rushing
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