Paschall Closes for Renovation

Paschall Bar closed today for renovations and is set to reopen later this Summer. Following the recent Andy's Bar and basement renovations, Paschall temporarily closing their doors for the first time since they opened five years ago for a little touch-up is not all too surprising. 

Bar manager Jeremy Dean said that they will be fixing a leak and some water damage under the bar itself. Sources told The Dentonite that renovation plans include extending the bar top and making more room in the bar area where the current office is. The bar is said to get some upgrades as well. 

McKenzie Smith, a partial owner of Paschall Bar, said that the rest of the space isn't included in the renovation and that it won't change the ambiance of the bar. 

Tiki Tuesday's (starting today) will be temporarily moved downstairs to the Andy's Basement Bar. Don't worry - we've been informed that Aurora, Paschall's Tiki Queen, will be there to help. Jazz Sunday's will temporarily be held in the Basement as well. 

Photo by Estelle Dailey
Header image design by Christopher Rodgers