Paschall Bar Brings Back Tiki Tuesdays

Get your favorite Hawaiian shirt and grass skirts, because Tuesdays in Denton this summer will never be the same thanks to Paschall Bar’s Tiki Tuesdays.

Tiki Tuesday is a fun party at Paschall Bar filled with music, great people, and drinks that will take you to paradise.

“We decorate the bar, put tiki music on, and dress tiki,” Joe Carr, manager of Paschall Bar, said. “We put an old Elvis movie and might even have a performance.”

Carr has been working at the bar for seven years. He and his staff are no strangers at mixing drinks to make the perfect one that fits anyone's taste buds.

From coconut, to matcha, hibiscus, pineapple, cachaça, and even different types of syrups that are made in the bar, these drinks will make you addicted to the unique tropical taste. Aurora “Tiki Queen” Arrellano was the mastermind behind a lot of these tiki drinks you will be tasting, so let’s look into some of them.


Served in a beautiful ceramic tiki cup, this drink will transport you to the islands with a tropical explosion in your mouth. Rum, allspice, pineapple, lime, and orgeat (ôr-zhä’(t)) — an almond based sweet sugar syrup usually used in tropical tiki drinks — will have you addicted. Definitely a favorite.


Heaven in a coconut cup. The secret? Rum, apricot, pineapple, lime, a little soda with their own made crushed ice, and Averna. If you’re new to bitter flavors, Averna is a great place to start. This Italian liqueur contains just the right amount of sweet flavor with a bitter finish. There’s no doubt this tiki goodness is a sip of apricot-pineapple heaven.


Unlike most tiki drinks, this extra-boozy mixture has such a different, more spicy flavor to it. Sip slowly and enjoy the twist of orange blossom, hibiscus, lime, and Brazilian liquor Cachaça, which brings it all together for a unique taste you won’t get anywhere else.

“We love to get people in the door and make them happy,” Carr said, “it’s kind of like a mini-vacation without actually leaving town.” You can also try any of the other original drinks, including the Roshi Cooler, the Almond Joy, or the 3 Piece Bikini.

Paschall Bar will have Tiki Tuesday every Tuesday from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. You can order any tiki drink any time of the week. You can also order food from Andy’s Bar downstairs, or bring your own from all the amazing restaurants around . What’s better than drinks and food from our very own Denton?