A New Year for Paschall, A New Stage for Andy's

Can you believe it’s been five years since Paschall Bar opened their doors? Since October 2011, Paschall and their impeccable bartenders have been treating Denton to handcrafted cocktails and teaching us what it means to really savor a good drink. In addition to their extensive menu, the bar has hosted weekly Jazz Nights, themed nights (who already misses Tiki Tuesdays?), and countless costume parties over the last few years. More recently, Paschall manager Jeremy Dean has been helping to kickstart the United States Bartenders’ Guild Denton chapter while individual bartenders (such as recent Pisco World nominee Allison Sigler) have been chosen to compete in mixology duels. A good five years indeed!

 This year Paschall is teaming up with its downstairs neighbor, Andy’s Bar, to celebrate. As luck would have it, Andy’s is poised to celebrate as well—after the venue’s recent buyout by LSA owner John “Sparky” Pearson, the bar received a brand new stage (carpet and all) and an improved sound system just in time for Oaktopia. (That’s a lot of change for a venue that’s seen few renovations in its lifespan.) Dean mentions that the venue just received a new light board as well: "A lot of the lighting that's in there right now is outdated, so we're making it more efficient with LEDs," he says.

Via his managerial roles at various establishments around town, Dean has observed and tracked the patterns that lead to success. During Paschall's Great Gastby-themed party, Dean noticed that there was an unused opportunity to mesh the Paschall crowd with the Andy's crowd. Now that the entire building is being managed as one entity, Dean thinks similar events will be much more successful. "We want this to work as a family [thing], and not as a separate Paschall and Andy's thing," he says. "Just one big party...[the anniversary show] is basically going to be a building party." Further, Dean points out that the building has a lot of untapped potential; after all, there are essentially three different places for patrons to experience. "You basically have three different concepts when it comes down to it: the cocktail bar, the venue, and the basement. That could be a badass venue to go to every day," he explains.

Despite how Denton tends to feel about change, all of this sounds pretty freaking promising. This joint anniversary-and-remodel celebration will feature performances by AV The Great and Star Party on the new stage. (Partygoers will need to bring $10 to the door to catch these acts.) According to Dean, there will also be signature drinks to mark the occasion—attendees can expect a five-drink cocktail menu at Paschall's as well as a five-drink menu at Andy's. Make sure to check our calendar for a comprehensive look at what’s going on in Denton, as well as the most up-to-date links to monthly events.

Header image design by Jason Lee
Photo by Tiffany Youngblood