New Trucks on the Block

For those who frequent Mulberry Street Cantina, East Side, or The Bearded Monk you may have begun to notice a few new colorful trucks joining the ranks of the vets that occupy Mulberry or Austin Street. These food trucks are trying to claim their spot in the Denton community and fill our bellies with their delicious wares. With whisperings of a new food truck spot opening, it seems that Denton is happy to embrace these entrepreneurs with open arms. 

Leila’s Food Truck has been spotted outside Mulberry Street Cantina, and you can’t miss the exotic smells of Iranian spices and ingredients or the kitschy slogan on the back, “Little d, Big Truck”. Her love for cooking was discovered through her vegetarian lifestyle, and her passion for sharing this lifestyle with others inspired Leila’s Food truck. She is slinging authentic Iranian and Mediterranean vegetarian cuisine along with a side of good vibes.  Menu items range from a classic Shirazi Salad to a Gourmet Grilled Cheese with muenster, feta cheese, roasted grapes, and honey, or her already popular Falafel burger, that touts itself as being “all the flavors of a falafel in burger form!” Shadan is also bringing so much more to the community than tasty fare, she is working with a local farm to donate food scraps for compost and is always collecting can food or dry good items to donate to a local food pantry. Being new to the food truck scene provides its fair share of struggles, which for her involves finding prime real estate to set up and vend, but she maintains a steady presence on social media so customers can find her easily. Find out more at!

If you were enjoying a cocktail on the Oak Street Draft House patio this weekend, you probably noticed a 1972 Argosy Airstream set up out front serving up delicious gourmet hot dogs. Lissa and JB Paschal stripped the Beware of Dog trailer down, renovated, and then outfitted the Airstream with kitchen equipment. Instead of placing the order at the side of the truck, you step right up to the front of the cab and place your order through the wrap around window. The inspiration for hot dogs came from their trip to Germany. JB and Lissa’s appreciation for a good brew took them by the beer gardens where hot dogs are a staple due to their convenience and endless pairing options. The hurdles and setbacks of beginning a new business loaded with the pressure of making that priceless first impression won’t hold this dog back, though. This team has more than a decade in bar and manager experience and they are excited to offer another late night food option to a town they love, as they bring gourmet hot dogs to the bellies of Denton.  

Big Knife Tacos has also rolled up to the scene, you can find them through their social media or posted up at East Side. They bring authentic Mexican flavors to their tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and nachos with fresh ingredients, homemade tortillas, welcoming personalities, and affordable prices. They keep it simple and let the food speak for itself. Freddie greets every customer like an old friend, and his food truck is just a stepping stone towards opening his own restaurant. He has only been in Denton a couple of months, but his love for this town and the residents motivated him to root down and begin achieving his dreams with the support of the locals. While opening his own food truck was no short feat, it takes a lot of hard work and undergoing many financial burdens, his goal of opening a restaurant in town stemmed from a desire to create jobs and be more involved with the City of Denton. 

Photos by Shaina Sheaff