Missing Breckies So Much

The breakfast food of Breckies delivery service created by the founders of Seven Mile Café will no longer be delivering. The announcement was made through a Facebook post on the Breckies page . Breckies had offered unique flavors like their short rib tacos consisting of such things as ribs, avocado, and house salsa among other foods. 

Breckies while offing unique dishes had a love of simple dishes too with their basic a** tacos of scrambled eggs, crispy potatoes, cheeses and tortilla of your picking. It was both the delivery and the food that made Breckies a beautiful creation. 

Breckies offered Croque Madame with maple ham, bacon, sharp cheddar cheese on sourdough.  Breckies offered an oversized biscuits and gravy platter. Breckies offered Black Cherry Bourbon Pork Tacos with three pancakes, pork slow roasted in expresso, scramble eggs with a cherry bourbon coulis and syrup. Breckies offered food for both those with a breakfast crave or a late brunch desiring hunger. 

Breckies was even caring enough to menu readers to add a taste of dessert with their deep fried French toast. Coffee was available. Fresh squeezed orange juice was available. Just thinking on Breckies makes you miss the breakfast tastes. 

Breckies is no longer delivering however and Denton is just going to have to adjust. Breckies in their Facebook page announcement said, “We are going to miss cooking for you immensely, but we will not forget all the support you have shown us. You have allowed us all here to grow and learn through this opportunity in so many ways. Just so all of you know, no matter whether it be with some Aloha Chicken Sliders, or a fresh rack of smoked ribs at 2:30 in the morning, or not even with Breckies at all.....every single one of us here will continue to pour our hearts and fresh ideas back into the community of Denton, one way or another....we will never stop serving you.- Breckies staff”

…Breckies you will be missed.

Header image photographed by Emily Cline
Header image layout by Mateo Granados