Breckies Brings Late Night Delivery to Denton

If you haven’t indulged in Breckies Brunch delivery service, you need to do yourself a favor and get on that ASAP. They recently expanded to late night delivery, and this menu raises the bar further for the high quality of delicious food that gets pumped out of the 7Mile kitchen. The menu offers a wide variety of options from their Acai Bowl to some out of this world ribs, and every single sauce is made in house. Whether you want a sweet late night treat, something on the healthier side, or a box full of deep-fried goodness, Breckies has you covered. It was no easy feat crawling out of our food comas to write up our review of this killer menu, but hey, we did it for you, Denton.  

Applewood Slow Smoked Baby Back Pork Ribs

Melt in your mouth pork ribs... delivered? Consider me a full-time homebody. Thanks, Breckies! These pork ribs are smoked for hours before being delivered straight to your door, and the sweet meat falls right off the bone. Garnished with chives and plated with a side of pickled slaw and a homemade BBQ sauce, we predict that these ribs will be the first dish to sell out every night they're available. Sweet and saucy, the deliciousness dripped off of every bite of meat. 10/10 will order again.
-Sara Button

"Three lil' Pigs" Melt

Those mouth-watering blueberry maple sausage links from the Breckie’s brunch menu make a reappearance in this meat lover’s late night option, the Three lil’ Pigs Melt. This brunch take on a Cubano combines slow roasted pulled pork, the Breckie’s blueberry maple pork sausage, and Swiss cheese into a waffle iron-pressed sandwich that is the late night cure you are looking for.  Instead of adding the tartness of mustard and pickles, you get a sweet and savory side of bacon jam syrup that brings all the flavor together in this harmonious and satisfying indulgence. Coma-inducing on its own, the melt also comes with dusted potato chips that you can share, since this sandwich is too good to give up a bite.
-Tiffany Johnson

Chicken Fried Steak Sliders

Everything on these sliders is cooked to sheer perfection. A warm and tender chicken fried steak fillet is served on a small biscuit atop a tasty Yukon potato mash that adds a really great texture to these sandwiches. The clear stand-out of the bunch, though, is the red eye gravy. This delightfully unique rendition proves that Breckie's holds what I’ll call the gold gravy standard.
-Brittany Keeton

Egg N’ A Cinny Roll Hole

This dish was clearly designed to activate every single pleasure center in your brain at once, and it does not disappoint. The action of cutting into the dense cinnamon roll and having a flood of runny egg yolk ooze out onto the plate alone registers as a semi-religious experience. And if you foolishly thought that cinnamon rolls and perfectly cooked eggs don’t go together, you will never be so happy to have been wrong. The flavor of the simple egg cuts the sweetness of the cinnamon roll to make this a particularly addicting treat. The Roll was served with a light, citrusy icing that beautifully complimented the dish.
-Emily Cline


Chicken Fried Tofu Nuggets

Tofu fans (they exist!) are sure to appreciate the attempt to include them in the deep-fried goodness that pervades the rest of the menu, but this was one of the more underwhelming options on the Breckies late-night menu. While it was beautifully deep-fried and crispy with a smooth tofu center, it was also over-salted, and that kept it from that certain fried finger food attraction that keeps you popping them into your mouth before you realize the damage you’ve done.
-Emily Cline

Roasted Short Rib & Green Chili Empanadas

Breckie's fills up the fluffiest dough with hunks of those delicious short ribs we mentioned earlier, and combines them with green chilies and their queso to create a packed empanada that bursts with flavor. Served with the fresh house-made salsa, the empanadas are hearty, filling, and so, so good. The meat is tender, the chiles add a slight kick, and the queso is the cheesey goodness that brings it all together in this deep-fried dough pocket of love. You have the option of ordering one or two, so go for two, because after you eat the first one you’ll be wishing you had done so anyway.
-Tiffany Johnson


Spiced-Apple & Ricotta Empanadas

Fried to perfection, these sweet empanadas will leave your taste buds happy. A mixture of spiced apples and ricotta cheese makes for a delightfully different late night treat. These fried pastries are tossed in cinnamon and brown sugar and then sprinkled with powdered sugar. The homemade salted vanilla bean caramel that comes on the side is liquid toffee-esque and provides an extra oomph of sweet sugary goodness. Regardless of whether you're ordering a full meal or just getting some munchies, add an order of these rich and delicious empanadas to your life. You can thank us later.
-Sara Button

Red Velvet Chicken and Waffles

This dish was quite polarizing to our group of tasters, but it was actually one of my favorite things on the menu. (The other was the ribs!) The first thing I noticed was how crispy, yet moist the chicken was. The red velvet batter gives you all the crunch you need, while infusing the chicken with a more nuanced flavor. It comes with a spicy chocolate ganache sauce, which is tasty on its own, but its decadence needlessly overcomplicates the existing balance of flavor. Standard maple syrup would likely be a better fit.
-Brittany Keeton


Breckie's Late Night Menu is currently offered Friday and Saturday evenings from 10pm to 2:30am, and they recently expanded the delivery service to within 4 miles of their 311 W. Congress St address. 

Photos by Emily Cline
Header image design by Sara Button