Juice Lab Adds Live Music

Get excited, folks—another local business has begun hosting live music!

Juice Lab, which has been serving Denton since 2015, is next in a long line of “anti-venues”: live music venues whose primary business enterprises are only tangentially related to music, or not at all. Juice Lab can now count itself among the likes of Midway Craft House, Hangout Bar & Dine, and Taps & Caps when it comes to hosting live shows.

“We are longtime supporters of the local music scene and are concerned with the closing of many venues that use to give the local artists an outlet,” says owner Loni Puckett. Juice Lab intends to offset some of that with this decision. The business will be an all-ages venue, to boot: “We always have thought that there should be a place where under-21 musicians could perform and allow their under-21 followers and families to come out and support the scene without being in a bar environment,” Puckett explains.

As the business expands, so will patrons’ opportunities to enjoy the place. Juice Lab is rolling out a new menu later this month in addition to the new stage. Puckett says the business will be the perfect place for a date, a family outing, or a show—customers will have the option to keep their distance or get right next to the music.

Juice Lab’s stage will be open to music of any genre. “We love all kinds of music, from jazz to rock to hip hop and techno, so you can safely say we will be mixing it up a quite a bit!” says Puckett. She also confirms that the shop will host an open-mic night. The space can accommodate over 100 people, and block party-style events are in the Juice Lab’s future plans. (Maybe even a new mini music fest? We can hope.)

Puckett and her staff ultimately hope to get the community more invested in their neighbors’ causes, projects, and work. “When we started at the Denton Community Market, we didn't know what to expect. If we hadn't had somewhere to experiment with our ideas and get feedback then Juice Lab would have never been,” Puckett says. “We just want to offer the same to others. Give someone the space and a chance to do what they love and you will be amazed how far that single opportunity can take them.”

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Header image design by Brittany Keeton