Java Rocket Launches this Friday

Java Rocket is coming to take your caffeine fix to new heights, or well, to more places. Dentonites can now get a cupe of joe on the go from their nifty trailer that is currently residing at Austin St Truck Stop, serving up doubles from Monday through Friday from 9am to 2pm.

Dean Underdahl is the brains behind the concept after being inspired by a trip to Oregon with a buddy where they came across coffee shops that were built out of converted shipping containers. He saw unique spaces offering a sit down option on the second floor container, and then a drive-through on the side of the first floor.

Underdahl knew he needed to “save this for later,” and he began researching more into these locally owned shops. He came upon a gentleman that had converted a trailer into a mobile coffee shop.

“He spent hours rebuilding an older trailer and going through the process of converting it, that he decided to share his knowledge online for others to learn from,” said Underdahl.

A resident since 1994, Underdahl has a love that runs deep for Denton. He graduated from UNT with a major in biology and a minor in chemistry. The science of brewing and coffee have been an ongoing passion.

“I’ve been in the beverage industry for awhile, the last 5 years I was with Alaskan Brewing, 6 years before that was with Republic National, and before that I was a Manager in the Wine and Beer Department for the Central Market in Plano,” said Underdahl.


Underdahl’s motto “right now is progress, not perfection. Everyday a little progress.” Being able to pivot and adapt are crucial to any new venture, and the ability to pick up and move to where the people are instead of the people always having to come to his location are a huge perk of his mobile coffee service.

“I can change with it, I'm not bolted down to the ground. I can move to where they need me instead of having people come to me,” Underdahl said.

This unique concept serves as a compliment to Denton's many offerings and pairs well with the other food trucks on the scene. Now at Austin St Food Truck Stop, you can order your lunch, grab a coffee while you are waiting, and be ready to go when your name is called for your food order.

This isn’t just any coffee either, its high quality and comes from Lemma Coffee Roaster, a new roaster in Denton. The beans are delivered to Underdahl a day after Lemma’s roasts it ensuring coffee made from some seriously fresh beans. Non-dairy options of almond, coconut and soy milk in addition to whole and skim milk being offered.

“It’s the third day in, and everything is pretty chill, we’re dialing it in,” said Underdahl. There may already be iced drinks on the horizon as he adjusts to this brief spring weather and adjusts for summer temps.

His willingness to collaborate and partner with other local businesses will allow Java Rocket to offer other drink options and even snacks to go along with servings of coffee, but right now his focus is excel at deliving a limited amount of options. His setup even rivals what would be found in your favorite coffee shop, featuring a top grade La Marzocco Grinder and Mini Espresso Machine that reside in the back of the trailer. It's the same brand and style of equipment you would find in a cafe, but more compact. So don’t judge Java Rocket by the size of their trailer, but by the cup of deliciousness that will add a pep to your step on weekday mornings.

Friday is the grand opening event at Austin St Truck Stop with Dancy Doctor laying down the tunes beginning at 10am and going to noon. Check out the Facebook event or Facebook page for more info

Header image by Mateo Granados