Hickory Street Lounge Rolls Out Spring Cocktails

Hickory Street Lounge is one of Denton's best-kept secrets, a place where you can always rely on an interesting cocktail list that showcases fresh ingredients crafted to perfection from a friendly and knowledgable staff member. Springtime in Texas is right around the corner, or kind of already here, and the new seasonal cocktails at Hickory Street Lounge are concoctions you can enjoy in any weather. 

The Ol' 55 is inspired by a Tom Waits song and is made with Aged Ol Tom Ransom gin, Luxardo liqueur, Cointreau, fresh lemon juice, and garnished with a luxardo cherry. This boozy sipper is light, refreshing, and wakes up the taste buds with it's citrus notes.  The perfect afternoon pick-me-up, with a pleasant brightness and bold flavor. 

The Strawberry Beret was conceived three days before the tragic death of Prince, and the name is a nod to his legacy. Crafted with fresh strawberries that have been muddled in a homemade lavender simple syrup, shaken with Deep Eddy Lemonade, topped with ginger beer, and a house made grapefruit bitters. This drink taste as if you are biting into a ripe strawberry, the grapefruit bitters transforming this cocktail and bringing out the sweetness of the berries and cuts straight through the tangy citrus.

Pink Velvet was pulled straight out of the archives, and this revival tastes like a spiked strawberry milkshake. Made with Bacardi Gold, Godiva white chocolate liqueur, muddled strawberries, and half & half, this is another slow sipper that is a great excuse to indulge after a long day.  Not overly sweet, the fresh strawberries add a lightness to the drink that is weighed down by the heavier ingredients. 


This Mint Chocolate Martini combines mint bitters, Aztec chocolate bitters, Titos vodka, Godiva dark chocolate liqueur, and is garnished with fresh mint. All the rich flavors create a surprisingly light drink, that taste just like a delicious Andes mint. In true HSL fashion, this is a drink meant to be enjoyed, each sip a refreshing cool rush to the taste buds. 

Hickory Street Lounge is located at 212 E Hickory, in between Rusty Taco and Hoochies. 


Photos by Joshua Griffin
Header image design by Brittany Keeton