Movers + Shakers: Geek Girl Brunch

Geek Girl Brunch has it’s roots in New York City, but is quickly taking over the country, the world, and has made its way to our own little town of Denton.

What the heck is this mystical and magical brunch of the geek girls? It’s a welcoming, safe environment for identifying women, gender fluid, and non-binary people to come together over mimosas and find their voice, network, foster friendships, and geek out together. Fortunately for the brunching geeks of Denton, Taylor DeLozier started putting ideas into motion for Denton’s very own chapter of GGB towards the end of 2015. With hopes of making friends and being more connected to the local geek community, and as word spread several other local ladies would begin to join the ranks as acting officers. These women continue to drive efforts forward to encourage a fun and safe culture where fellow geek girls can hang out and enjoy their geek passions together!

Alicia Froidl was recently honored as Brunchette of the Month,”Personally, I had really forgotten the love I had for my geeky passions as a child and teen. Throughout college and then beginning my career, I had let my interest in my geekdoms (Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Full Metal Alchemist, etc) die out. What I love most about Geek Girl Brunch is that it provides me with a fun and supportive environment to fully express my love and passion for geeky things. That's something that's not always accessible in your adult life. Where else can you tell people about how you will be making magical wand and wearing a velvet cape to the Yule Ball and not receive crazy glances. At Geek Girl Brunch that is totally the norm! Actually it's encouraged!” GGB makes it seem effortless to grow a community of so many supportive and inspiring females, excited to share in each others passions.”I also love being able to hear other people's passion and let their creativity and excitement encourage my own. Overall, it has helped to remind me of the love I have for "geeky" things and an outlet for that passion,” Froidl says.

The monthly brunches are held at different restaurants throughout Denton, and feature unique themes like Sailor Moon, Disney Karaoke, Dr Who while also benefitting a local non-profit. Each GGB event combines local food, good times,  philanthropy and is a collaborative effort of the officers who pull from their own fandom favorites in addition to polling the members and including them in their planning. As for the officer's personal Denton favorites, “The Greenhouse for sure, they have the best fresh squeezed mimosa bar with unique flavor combinations (vanilla plum!), the Abbey, they have hearty food and a phenomenal staff, and lastly (but not least), Le Peep has classic brunch fare for a great price!”

With hopes of expanding to the Greater Denton County area, and a dedication to continue to include civic engagement as a priority of the organization, their mission to make a difference in the community and the lives of others, including the enrichment of the geek culture, leaves us excited to see what these ladies are capable of. Speaking of these lovely officers, we leave you with their own favorite thing to geek over!

Taylor DeLozier: The Labyrinth is my obsession! I’m so obsessed I have a tattoo based on the movie.

Seana Epley: Harry Potter for sure! I can talk about it all day and never get sick of it.

Victoria Campbell: I’m not sure I could limit myself to just one thing, but EVERYONE knows my obsession, er, love of Captain America and Peggy Carter. #Steggyforever

Lora Ridl: Star Trek. It has always been, and forever will be, my all time favorite!

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Header image design by Jason Lee