Family Matters at The Green Zatar

From International Foods of Denton to Green Zatar, Ali and Hakimeh Pourmorshed have been running this family-owned Mediterranean restaurant for over 25 years. With help of daughter Hormat and son Hamed, the Pourmorshed family are able to keep their customers happy.

Serving Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Persian meals, as well as a wide selection of groceries, Green Zatar is one of a kind.

Hormat said, “We were the first Mediterranean restaurant. There were a couple restaurants that popped up that did more Arabic food or Indian food after us, but they either didn’t stay open or it was different kind of foods. Our customers can really tell that this is family-owned, and that my parents were cooking the food. It’s not just a trained chef. That was my mom's goal.”

 Hakimeh’s one of a kind dishes are made from scratch with a variety of spices, herbs and high quality meats using only extra virgin olive oil. Every entree has its own special taste, making it distinctive and rare. From Hummus, Falafel, Kebabs, and Gyros freshly made in an open window kitchen, Ali prepares your food with no hesitation. Through the years they have added a broad vegan and vegetarian selection. Even if it is not originally vegan or vegetarian, they can substitute to meet everyone’s liking.  

“We still have a lot of people that come in, not to eat, but that have been coming for 20 years to buy groceries,” Hormat said. 

Starting off as International Foods of Denton, the family changed the name to Green Zatar, which is a Middle Eastern blend of spices and their most popular appetizer made with pita bread and olive oil, when they expanded their diverse business into both a market and a restaurant around six years ago. Even though it is mostly acknowledged for their cuisine, they have much more to offer when it comes to their variation of imported groceries. 

“We have two wholesalers that import from overseas like in the Middle East and European countries,” Hormat said. “We have been working with them for many years now.” 
The grocery part of the restaurant is filled with imported cheese, herbs, beans, olives, pastries, fresh pita bread every week, and many other foods you would not be able to find in your regular grocery market. 

Green Zatar is also known for the cozy atmosphere it provides to customers. Hakimeh even contributed to making the place feel and look as comfortable as it could be.

“She did all the decorating and all the details,” Hormat said. “I told her she needs to go back to school for design because people always ask us who we hired. Her goal was to make it feel like you’re in the Mediterranean; like you’re on a patio or somewhere in Greece or off the coast of Italy." With lights hanging all through the ceiling and soft music radiating the room it's a perfect place to study, have a romantic dinner, or brunch with your friends.
“I am so thankful. I wish I had kids to raise here because you learn from people all over the world, now i can appreciate service industries so much."

The Green Zatar is located on 609 Sunset St. 
Denton, Tx 76201
Opened Monday - Thursday 11 am - 9 pm
Friday - Saturday 11 am - 10 pm
Sunday 12 pm - 8 pm

Photos by Asharhi Falls
Header image by Holden Foster