Denton's Hottest New Relationship

This past weekend you could enjoy the sounds of live music and a cold pint with a side of Bacon Jam & Biscuits Late last week Dan's Silverleaf announced they have teamed up with the next door restaurant, Tex Tapas to serve food during certain hours of certain days.

Between the hours of 4pm and 9pm on Tuesday - Sunday you can now have a waitress from Dan’s take your order from the Small Plates section of the Tex Tapas menu, have it delivered to your table, and it is even all on one bill. The food is delivered in to-go containers with plastic wear and it arrives just as fresh and delicious as if you were sitting at a table next door.

This weekend was a test run for Denton’s hottest new relationship, and though the rain kept many in their pajamas binge watching Netflix from their couches (or maybe that was just us?), the slower traffic allowed them to work out the kinks and manage the logistics of this partnership.  

When asking Dan Mojica, owner of Dan’s Silverleaf, "why now?" he pointed out that Tex Tapas is just now reaching their 1 year anniversary, and the decision relied heavily on timing and figuring out the infrastructure of bringing Tex Tapas tasty plates into Dan’s, while still maintaining guest satisfaction., “We wanted to make sure the food could be delivered in a timely manner and was comfortable for guest and patrons,” Mojica explains. 

"It’s all about art and food and good drinks and good music, that’s Denton, that’s what it’s all about,” Mojica says. Enjoying a cold lager, those to die for Brussels sprouts from Tex Tapas, and the sounds of the Super Suckers warming up is now an experience exclusive to Dan’s Silverleaf.