The Dentonite's Vegan & Vegetarian Guide

Going meatless is hard, especially when it comes to eating out. As a vegetarian and a Dentonite, I can attest to this. It can seem like one has so few options, even in Denton, which is why we've got covered you with the ultimate Denton vegetarian/vegan guide.

Everything on list this has been vegetarian/vegan approved. Did we miss something? Let us know.

The Bowllery – Both

The Bowllery tops this list because it's about as vegan as Denton gets. It's a vegan's dream. It's one of the only places in Denton that has a full-blown vegan menu and no worries about contamination. If you haven't been to The Bowllery yet, I 10/10 recommend it. The Bowllery has its unique style of mixed-and-matched chairs and books replacing check books. Menu prices range from $3 to $12. The menu has you covered, with breakfast, lunch, and dinner options such as veggie burgers, vegan pizza, smoothies, and bowls filled with all your vegetable needs. For dessert, I personally recommend the kale waffle. The Bowllery also recently expanded their menu with items like taro nachos, as well as the option to personalize your veggie bowl, among many others. It's definitely a must-try! You can visit them at 901 Ave. C, Ste. 101.

Photo by Estelle Daily

Photo by Estelle Daily

COMING SOON! Spiral Diner – Both

Spiral is still in the process of opening, but if you are vegan or vegetarian, I know you're psyched for this place. Spiral Diner is another complete vegan/vegetarian menu, so there are no worries here. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their menu consists of burgers, soups, and pastas, and is fully equipped with a bakery. It's another definite must-try for Dentonites. Prices range from $2 for a pickle sandwich to $11 for a Nacho Supremo plate. We can't name an exact opening date, but we expect them to open before the summer ends, and when they do open, they will be located in the Railyard at 608 E. Hickory St. See you opening day!

Kung Fu Bubble Tea – Both

Kung Fu Bubble Tea is a new shop on University across from Rayzor Ranch. It advertises itself as vegan, and it totally checks out. A fellow vegetarian friend confirmed that their entire menu is dairy-free with plenty of gluten-free options. Depending on your level of commitment to a vegan/vegetarian diet, you may want to make sure to order the drink without the boba, as it's soaked in honey. Other than that, their drinks are completely safe for vegans/vegetarians and delicious to drink. Their new location in Denton is at 2735 W. University Dr., #1061.

Photo Courtesy of Tiffany Johnson

Photo Courtesy of Tiffany Johnson

Seven Mile Cafe – Both

Seven Mile is another well-known vegan place here in town for all your breakfast needs. Since it's located right across from The Cupboard, you can even scoop up your groceries after grabbing a bite to eat. Don't confuse it with the blue building on the left—that's Seven Mile's coffee shop. The restaurant itself is the green building to the right (they recently swapped buildings to expand their restaurant space). Seven Mile can be a bit more pricey, but we promise it’s worth it with fresh-made vegan breakfast options like açai bowls, vegan pancakes, and "vigas" (tofu scramble). For lunch, burgers, and salads are available. You can go give them a visit at 529 Bolivar St.

Mellow Mushroom – Both

Mellow Mushroom's a bit more on the expensive side, but they've got you hooked up for all your pizza needs, and a lot of options are big enough to split. For vegetarians, there's the Magical Mystery Tour which contains pesto, mushroom, feta; Thai Dye which is topped with cucumbers and Thai chili sauce; a Mega Veggie; Kosmic Karma; and Veg Out. Other options include a gluten-free variant of the Veg Out and the House Calzone as well as avocado, tofu, and tempeh hoagies. Mellow is located at 217 E. Hickory St.


Barley and Board – Both

If you're willing to spend a little extra, Barley and Board has you covered. They have vegan and gluten-free options highlighted all throughout their menu with a heart and a leaf. For vegans these items include Soba-dass Noodles, Parisian Gnocchi, the Vegan-tarian, and Tomato Bisque. For vegetarians, Blue Cheese Potato Chips, Portobello Fries, Heirloom Burrata, Sweet Potato Hummus, The Salad Lady, and Artichoke & Goat Cheese. The menu ranges from $6–$15 for most vegan options. Bonus: They're right on the square, 100 W. Oak St.


LSA – Vegetarian

Although, there is only one option here, we couldn't pass LSA burgers. LSA gives you option to the choose indoor or outdoor to enjoy the views of the square, on occasion LSA has live performance, and what better way to enjoy veggie burger. The Bohemian is a delicious spiced veggies, black bean, and corn-based patty. If you're still hungry, they have few vegetarian sides for you to choose from like chips and salsa, mac and cheese, and their well-known garlic parm herb fries. Also located right off the square at 113 W. Hickory St.


Hypnotic Donuts – Both

With Hypnotic Donuts, vegans can finally enjoy the doughy goodness of a donut again. At Hypnotic Donuts you have vegan options like yeast raised with chocolate, regular, chocolate and coconut glaze as well as cinnamon rolls and additional specials from time to time. If you enjoy coffee, Hypnotic Donuts is located right next to Cultivar coffee, so your donut stop is complete. They are located at 235 W. Hickory St.


Greenhouse – Vegetarian

The Greenhouse rolled out a new menu late last year with options ranging from Vegetarian Chicken Fried Veggies Steak—consisting of black-eyed pea and vegetable steak, gravy, and mashed potatoes, the Bella Sandwich—a portobello mushroom with smoked pimento cheese, a Stuffed Bell Pepper—stuffed full of quinoa, and of course Black Bean Tamales—two tamales smothered in a house-made tomatillo sauce. They have a full Gluten Intolerant Menu that is available in-person. You can also enjoy vegetarian brunch options like their Strawberry Basil waffles which pairs perfectly with a Kiwi Cucumber Mimosa! The Greenhouse features live jazz on Monday nights, so you can enjoy a meal and some smooth sounds at 600 N. Locust St.

Photo Courtesy of Emily Cline

Photo Courtesy of Emily Cline


Mr. Chopsticks – Both

Mr. Chopsticks is a definitely Thai classic of Denton. For vegetarians, they have a Seaweed Tofu Wrap, which is basically tofu wrapped in seaweed greatness, then breaded and fried, and topped with spicy bean sauce. They also have Tofu Say-tay, which is fried tofu seasoned with turmeric soy sauce and tempura vegetables. They, of course, always give you the option of tofu or vegetables. Mr. Chopsticks has a relatively small environment and is Denton Thai staple. They even make to-go orders easy with their drive-thru window. You can pick up at 1633 Scripture St.


Green Zatar – Both

The Green Zatar is a hidden gem on this list, serving Mediterranean-style food. This small, cute place makes you feel at home. For vegans, they have a dish called Vandura which consists of sauteed vegetables and herbs served with rice. For vegetarians, they have a veggie combo with Homous Tahini, Baba Ghanoush, Dolma, and Falafel & Tabouli. It sounds intimidating, but I promise you it’s totally worth it and your taste buds will thank you for the adventure. Green Zatar is tucked away at 609 Sunset St.


Andaman – Both

A traditional Thai favorite, Andaman has a menu full of customizable options from noodle and rice plates to their delicious and flavorful curries. You have the option of tofu or extra vegetables, and everything always taste fresh and delicious. You can always pop over into Steve’s Wine Bar or Oak Street Draft House afterwards for a cocktail—they are located right in between both at 221 E. Hickory St.


Oriental Garden – Both

Like Andaman's, Oriental Garden is also customizable—you're always asked if you want your tofu or veggies. They have been under new ownership since last year, and the revamped interiors and more concise menu really brought this place to a whole new maturity level but still without breaking the bank. A plus to this place is that it’s walking distance from UNT at 114 N. Ave B.

Photo Courtesy of Emily Cline

Photo Courtesy of Emily Cline


Thai Square – Both

Thai Square can be a bit more pricey, but one bite of the Kaho Soi and you’ll know it was worth it. This gem hidden off the square can be easily overlooked, and is the most intimate of all the Thai places mentioned. Something unique about Thai Square, is each dish is almost customizable to be vegan or vegetarian as well as the spiciness level. Enjoy a quiet night with delicious food at 209 W. Hickory.

Milpa – Both

MIlpa started off the year with a bang—a remodel for the restaurant, new branding, extended hours, updated menu, and a food truck! With the new menu came a new section devoted to Vegans and Vegetarians, plus they have options for both at their food truck. If you feel like sitting and enjoying a meal, try out their Veggie Enchiladas topped with a tomatilla salsa. Just 86 the queso fresco on the black beans, and the meal is totally vegan. If you come across the food truck, you can get vegan or vegetarian burritos and tacos! The restaurant is located at 820 S. Interstate 35 E. #101 and you can find the truck parked at Austin St. Food Truck Park and other places around town. 

Photo Courtesy of Ellie Alonzo

Photo Courtesy of Ellie Alonzo

Rusty Taco – Both

The Rajas Taco is filled with sautéed vegetables—you can even add sliced avocado and then top with your favorite salsa. They also have damn good guacamole and it's half off during their Happy Hour, along with other side options and their margaritas. Looking for something a little more filling? Check out their black bean taco, chipotle black beans, pumpkin seeds, pico de gallo, and cilantro inside a corn tortilla. Located in downtown at 210 E. Hickory St. 

Denton Veg Society – Both

The Denton Veg Society, is group of local vegans and vegetarians who provide monthly vegan activities. One activity that is well known is their potluck. You can enjoy a feast with other local vegans and vegetarians, and these potlucks are free for the most part with request that you  bring your own vegan/vegetarian food—homemade or store bought. Just make sure you bring a recipe card to indicate if the dish is vegetarian or vegan, or if there are any potential allergies. These potlucks are a great way to learn about new recipes and to meet new vegan friends. Sometimes these potlucks are followed by a yoga session with Karma Yoga, so bring your yoga mat and your spoons.

Mean Greens – Both

If you go to UNT you’re lucky enough to have a whole vegan dining hall to yourself. The Mean Greens Hall is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Monday–Friday. If that’s not enough to make you want to try Mean Greens, the dining hall was 2 out of 65 Texas schools to be listed on PETA's Vegan College Ranking, and UNT was actually listed as one of the organization's “Dean List.” Located behind Maple Hall on UNT Campus.

Everyday Nectar – Both

Everyday Nectar expanded their food offerings late last year with pressed sandwiches, veggie sandwiches, made-from-scratch soups, and a customizable Buddha Bowl that includes a multitude of options so you can have a different unique eating experience every time with super fresh ingredients. They also have a full menu of fresh-squeezed and cold press juices, smoothies, and different brands of kombucha you can grab on the go. You can go check them out at 515 S. Locust, located next to Shift Coffee. 

Photo Courtesy of Tiffany Johnson

Photo Courtesy of Tiffany Johnson

The Cupboard Cafe – Both

The cafe inside The Cupboard not only features a stacked salad bar, but also a delicious vegan/vegetarian menu and juice bar. The Veggie Tacos are loaded with Organic Black Beans, Organic Brown Rice, Colby Jack Cheese, Pico de Gallo, Guacamole, and your choice of one the house-made Cupboard Spicy Sauces. Hot sandwiches include an open-faced Portobello or the Jerk Tempeh. Plus, they have an offering of smoothies that are sure to give you the boost you need to make it through the day. Grab groceries and dinner at their location at 200 W. Congress.

Juice Lab – Vegan

An organic juice bar and natural bakery, Juice Lab recently expanded their space and added more options to the menu. New options include Greek burger on a black bean or falafel burger with homemade hummus, spinach cucumber, and mayo or try the tomato basil grilled cheese with a side of some seasonal fruit, as well as some quick and easy grab-and-go items from the cooler. Scoop up your next lunch at 508 S. Elm Street, Suite 104. 

Leila's Food Truck - Both

Owner Shadan, released Leila's on the streets in the early fall of last year, bringing delicious vegetarian Mediterranean  cuisine to the streets of Denton. You can catch her at Austin St Food Truck Park and Backyard on Bell serving up yummy potato poppers with the options of two different sauces, and her infamous falafel burger.

If you haven't figured it out, Denton is full of endless options no matter your diet, and this is definitely a town that embraces the Vegan and Vegetarian lifestyles. 


Story Photos Contributed by The Dentonite Staff

Header Image by Christopher Rodgers