Crepetopia Makes Move to Ft. Collins

Crepetopia Food Truck first hit the streets of Denton in December of 2014, touting its slogan “Thick accent, Thin crepes”. It was the perfect breakfast, brunch, or lunch option at the Denton Community Market, with both savory and sweet offerings. Crepe master Laurent Prouvost moved to Denton from France in 2009, and ran a Pedi Cab business from 2009 to 2014. Inspired by his girlfriend, who knew his crepes were too good to not be shared, Prouvost began thinking of ways to bring the crepes to the people. “The ordinance changed, where you could bake at home and sell at the market, but we went with the food truck because it felt more appropriate for that kind of product,” says Prouvost. From this, Crepetopia was born and he began filling the hungry bellies of Denton with his thin pancake creations while also working at Wine Squared.


Denton is full of collaboration, and in an effort to combine both of his passions into one event, he worked with Brook Ray, the owner of Wine Squared, to offer bottomless crepes as part of their popular last Sunday brunch. About 25 Sunday brunches later, and after 2 years of setting up across Denton, Prouvost and his family have made the decision to move to Ft. Collins. “We spent time researching, learning about the quality of life and the thriving food truck scenes,” explains Prouvost. "There are more options for where to park, more events, thriving tourism, and as a bonus the permits are cheaper.”

Prouvost's family had been thinking of moving for several months, enticed by the beautiful scenery and the opportunities it would provide for growing his food truck business. They finally decided to pull the trigger and make the move at the end of January, bringing his crepe creations to the population of Ft. Collins. Those crepes will be missed; his use of fresh ingredients and variety of options brought a cuisine to the Denton Food Truck scene that you were hard pressed to find else where. The hardest choice would be whether to go savory or sweet, so you end up getting one of each and finding a friend who’s also hungry! We wish Laurent the best on this new path, and will remember his always friendly personality and delicious crepe concoctions fondly.


Header image design by Brittany Keeton