Cheese Shop Opens in Lewisville

That feeling when the waiter comes up with the parmesan and asks you to tell him when you want him to stop... and the answer is NEVER. 

North Texas cheese lovers rejoice, instead of trekking to the other side of the Metroplex, you can now go half as far with the late fall 2017 opening of The Salty Cow. Jennifer Gentry and husband Harold Gonzales are the minds behind this little cheese paradise, and Gentry was kind enough to step from behind the counter and chat with The Dentonite. 

They moved out to Castle Hills 4 years ago from Dallas, and before then were transplants from New York. Gonzales had always wanted to open a business, and they pretty much knew it would always be around food. "The kind of specialty store that we were used to where we're from," said Gentry.  

“The Village area is going through an expansion. There is a lot of neighborhood pride if we were going to do something, we wanted to do it right here. This is a perfect supportive environment," said Gentry. And it shows. Just in the 10 minutes we've been here people have trickled in and out the door, the dreary overcast weather not keeping these cheese lovers from purchasing their hearts' desires carried away in thoughtfully wrapped paper packages. 

Gentry and her husband both work full-time jobs, but knew the location was too perfect to pass up. “Aligning of the stars,” said Gentry. ”All the factors played out. It is really scary, but let’s do it anyway.” The family even lives within walking distance of their new small business. 

Even though they are tucked away in Southern Lewisville, the desire to collaborate and support your neighboring businesses is an important aspect of their business. In the same manner, Denton businesses work in conjunction to support one another. They don't just want to see their business success, they want to see the entire Village shopping area thrive and do what they can to help generate foot traffic. 

You could find their cheese and charcuterie spreads at TKO Brewings Launch Party, and their BYOB set up is made simple with a wine and spirits store right next door. The patio is mostly shaded throughout the day, and it's set up with a few bistro tables. It's a nice, intimate set-up for a date night or small gathering of friends. That's what food is about anyways right? To be shared and enjoyed with others. 

The cheese boards on the menu each carry their own theme featuring a different compilation of two meats, three cheeses, and accouterments that include fine fruit spreads, roasted salted mix nuts, dried fruits, and sliced ciabatta.

You can also take a little bit of small-town Texas home with you, the wall to the right is covered in shelves filled with Wiseman House Chocolates and Hico Popcorn from Hico, Texas, Kai loose leaf tea blends from West, and Olive Oil from Texas Olive Ranch in Carrizo Springs, Texas, and that's just to name a few.  The provisions are all from "towns they've discovered from driving across Texas." They are always looking for a way to team up with other businesses, and they have a lot of exciting partnerships to announce on the horizon. 

Whether you are hunting for a savory salty slice of Moliterno Black Truffle Pecorino from Sardinia, a robust and spicy Jalapeno Cheddar from Texas, buttery creamy Moses Sleeper from Vermont, or an intensely rich Truffle Mousse Pate from French Company Rougie, The Salty Cow's rotating selection is sure to have something to fit your fancy. 


Located at 2540 King Arthur Blvd STE 114, Lewisville, TX 75056, you can keep up with them through social on their Facebook and check out their website.


Photos by Estelle Dailey

Header Image by Christopher Rodgers