Backyard on Bell Dishes Out New Pizza Menu

Backyard on Bell has just passed the two month mark and recently rolled out new pizzas for a permanent menu that is made in house from dough to sauce. Check out what the staff thought in our contributors review! 

Hawaii 5.0

The pineapple Hawaiian pizza was very savory! If you enjoy a sweet taste you will want to pick up a few slices. The barbecue taste mixed with sweet pineapple, Canadian bacon, and cheese are simple toppings, but worked well with as a whole. The thin crust is sprinkled with flour and is just enough to counterbalance the sweet. We recommend mixing this pizza up with some spice of you feel daring! -Makayla Price

Loaded Potato

I bite into this Loaded Potato Pizza and thoughts come flashing through my mind. I imagine a flatter version of a baked potato, which is one of my guilty comfort foods. Just add more cheese. I chew through the thin crust and thick cheese. And chew some more searching for that potato flavor. I think I lost myself in the flavor of the flavorful cheese searching for the tiny potato pieces. I was really hoping that I could distinctly taste the potato right off the bat. The flavor is a good flavor that will be liked by many but I really wanted that burst of almost "baked potatoness" to burst in my mouth. Then again, I don't impress easy with just any pizza.

The Full Monty

The Full Monty. Upon first inspection, the pizza itself might surprise you with its humble homemade appearance. Don't be fooled.  My Full Monty slice was covered in succulent sausage and pepperoni, and accented nicely with tender mushrooms and black olives. I should comment about the sausage. It was crisped on the outside, as it should be, and tenderly packed full of flavor on the inside. I suspect that it was made in-house, though I haven't had the opportunity to ask the owners. Now, on to the cheese and the dough. What was most surprising about Backyard's pizza isn't the taste, but the texture. Someone asked me what I felt when eating it and all I could say was balanced. Backyard does not skimp on quality when it comes to cheese and dough. I was immediately comforted, and surprised, after my first bite into the warm gooey goodness that is this charming pizza pie. The owners have accomplished the task of creating a dough and cheese duet that will leave your taste buds begging for more--a balance of tenderly crafted homemade dough met with a copious amount of cheese and a light marinara to bring the two together in perfect harmony. Any one of the Ninja Turtle's would be a proud patron of this place.  If you're considering pizza tonight, but are sick of ordering in from the same tired pizza chains, bring Backyard on Bell home, and let yourself be charmed and comforted  
with every bite. - Lacy Stone

Meat Head

I’m not too keen on vegetables on my pizza, so this made for a perfect match with me and the Meat Head pizza. Now, it is not just a standard meat pizza. It is the pepperoni, the sausage, but also incorporated some homemade baby meatballs that were equally adorable as they were tasty. Moreover, I’m sure I’ve had capicola at some point in my life, or maybe I’m uncultured, but this meat was an excellent accompaniment. Not only were the assortment of meats yummy, but the synergy of the meats to the sauce, and soft crust was A+. I don’t know how authorized I am to give letter grades, but I stand by my rating. The sauce wasn’t overwhelming, which is something I pay attention to, and even had a distinct spice mixture that sets it apart. I was also stupid hungry and hadn’t eaten until this pizza arrived at 7 at night, so there’s that. -Tori Falcon 

Chicken Florentine

When I heard Backyard On Bell was coming out with a new menu, I was instantly drawn to the Chicken Florentine pizza. A pie topped with chicken, spinach, and mushrooms all over a homemade alfredo sauce was too much to pass up. If you’re at all familiar with BYOB’s past offerings, you’ll know they have some pretty tasty crust, and my tastebuds were happy to discover this had not changed. I was a little less excited about the sauce, which I found to be a bit too thick for a pizza, though cheese super-fans may disagree. Their generous use of chicken made this the coveted ‘heavy slice’. Overall, I’d say you’d definitely (and deliciously) be getting your money’s worth! -Brittany Keeton   

Thai Chicken

The Thai Chicken pizza comes topped with everything you love about Thai food (go figure): cucumber, peanuts, cilantro, peppers and onion. Drizzles of sriracha and sweet chili sauce combined with a base of peanut sauce give the pizza a subtle but still very present sweet, spicy and umami flavor combo that brings it all together in near-magical ways. The peanuts that top the pizza give it a satisfying crunch and while the crust is thin and crisp on the bottom, it’s also soft and pillowy in all the places that it should be.  All in all, Backyard on Bell’s Thai Chicken pizza is the kind of fusion we should all get behind. -Emily Cline 


The veggie pizza is super simple (garlic, black olives, red onion, mushroom) but really flavorful. I'm not even that fond of black olives, which were the focal point of this pizza, but this combination works. Too many veggie pizzas either skimp on toppings or pile on way too many--this one is just right. As someone who's pretty picky about pizza, I could eat this stuff all day. -Bess Whitby

All the pizzas are served as a 12", and big enough to share. Plus they also have a lunch special Tuesday-Friday, where you can get a personal 8" pizza and a soda for just $6. Not feeling pizza? Backyard on Bell is also a food truck park, and you can usually find local favorites like Leila's, Dumpling Bros, or Crepetopia parked in the backyard and serving up lunch!


Photos by Emily Cline
Header Image by Sara Button