A Pair of Pairings: Upcoming Beer Dinners in Denton

One of the great gastronomic beasts found in the Denton wilds is none other than the occasionally elusive beer-pairing dinner. These dinners combine DFW-sourced craft beers with local artisanal chefs in a match unparalleled. However, due to the magnanimity of such occasions, they are sometimes not known to many but the most privy of local foodies. It’s no secret that we here at the Dentonite enjoy them, but our mission is to make sure that we are not the only ones in the know. We have two upcoming beer dinners in the next few weeks, both of which promise to provide you with delightfully crafted experiences.

Beer Dinner with Boca 31 + Ten:One Artisan Cheese at Armadillo Ale Works

The first of these two events is coming up quickly: this Sunday, Feb. 24th. Hosted by Armadillo Ale Works, the event features a collaboration between the brewery, Boca 31, and Ten:One Artisan Cheese. Look out for five delicious courses and, of course, plenty of good, local brews. The menu hasn’t been released yet since it usually drops just hours before the event, but for you of little faith, get yourself some hype by checking out these past dinners — and then grab a ticket here.

Beer Dinner with In-Sir-Zhay at The Bearded Monk

Our next beer dinner is a bit further out, giving you plenty of time to pull together some money, ask off from work, and get yourself a ticket. On Thursday, March 7th, The Bearded Monk will be hosting a beer dinner with Brook Ray of local catering company In-Sir-Zhay. The menu is already out for your viewing pleasure, whether you need that last nudge of confidence to get you a ticket or you’re a glutton for punishment and love to lust over distant pleasures.
The first course will be paired with Avery Brewing Company's White Rascal: Pannenkoeken, savory style pancakes from The Netherlands, three flavors.
- Marinara with Parmesan and Parsley
- Mushroom with Caramelized Onion
- Salmon with Dill Cream Cheese
The main course will be paired with Martin House Brewing Company's Bockslider: Spiced, smoked, and grilled steak with a zingy mustard sauce. Served with Creamed Spinach, Potato Gratin, and Sesame Carrots.
And finally, dessert will be paired with Lakewood Brewing Company's French Quarter Temptress: Apple Rosemary Galette, a French-style farmer's pie.
We’re confident that, after reading this, you’re in need of just one thing to ensure you’ll be sitting down at the Monk on the 7th: where to buy tickets. Grab them here.

Until then, may your dreams dance with visions of craft beers and once-in-a-lifetime courses — and may those dreams become reality when, at last, these coveted dinners come to pass.

Header image design by Kylie Phillips