Diverse Content

The Dentonite has created an allowance to go toward 4 pieces of paid content each month that are long-form and well sourced to incentivize for more quality and diverse content. We hope this helps us diversify our (virtual) newsroom and published content surrounding these communities. We want queer writers to write about the queer community, Black writers writing about the Black community, and so on.

We’d like February pitches in by February 8, 2019. March pitches in by February 28. We will update this page as the months go on. We are interested in paying $50 per piece and would like each piece to be well researched with 3-5 diverse sources and between 750 - 1,200 words. We are open to hearing pitches or suggesting a topic for you to write.

Thank you for your time & consideration. If you have any questions, please contact Tori Falcon.

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