Vicars-Nance Revokes Endorsement of Newquist, Endorses No One

Jodi Vicars-Nance, former candidate for City Council At-Large Place 5, revoked her endorsement of previous opponent Aaron “Fuzzy” Newquist Tuesday afternoon.

Newquist is one of two candidates vying for the seat this June through a runoff election that was the result of the May election between him and Deb Armintor.

Following a slew of mailers received Monday which touted an endorsement from Vicars-Nance and disapproval of his current opponent Armintor, the former city council candidate took to Twitter to state that she “endorse(s) absolutely no one.”

Vicars-Nance has not yet responded to The Dentonite’s request for a comment.

The mailers sent by Newquist’s campaign caused a frenzy as many, including local politicians, took to community Facebook groups such as Denton Matters and Indivisible Denton to express their disdain and grievances for both candidates. Many concerned themselves over the qualifications and experience from both candidates.

Newquist and Armintor have since been mum since the mailers reached homes, not releasing any official statements.

Early Voting for City Council At Large Place 5 is open today through June 8 at 5:00 p.m., then June 11-12. Election Day is Saturday, June 16.

Header image by Zendra Morales during a candidate forum in April at Dan's Silverleaf.

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