Show Me the Money, Honey Shows Out for Andy's Bar

Salty Lady spices up another weekend brunch in downtown denton with Show Me the Money, Honey another rambunctious, fiscally frisky burlesque brunch. We got a chance to catch a front row view of the show at Andy’s Bar thanks to the production team and man, was it hot in there? This show was hot, y’all. Let’s dive right into the delicious debauchery.

At each burly brunch, Andy’s offers $3 mimosas and bloody marys for purchase, with a variety of juices and concoctions to choose from. A hard deal to pass, especially for a Sunday Funday like this one. Emcee Ranch Drescher did an excellent job of corralling the drunken audience members into their seats to get the party started. Ranch kept our bellies full of laughter -— and alcohol — with her financially-themed trivia and anonymous survey, which quizzed audience members on any debauchery we’d committed with or surrounding our taxes. Once the trivia had ended, it was time to start the show.

Denton’s Birdie Holly kicked things off with her classic, hilariously perfect rendition of “Money” from the hit film Cabaret. Birdie has become a staple in the Denton performance community, winning over audience members with her infectious smile, bodacious figure and electrifying energy that keeps the audience in awe ‘til the end. We were especially living for her money launching gun, even if it did break apart last minute. Way to handle it, girl.

Amarillo-based performer and founder of Galatea Burlesque, Nox Falls, brought down the house not once but twice. Falls must have some sort of superpowers, because I swear if she told the audience to jump during her performances, we would all collectively respond with a very eager “ how high?” Nox exhumes class, power, high femme and seduction with every turn, every glance at the crowd before she reveals which costume piece goes next. During her blacksploitation piece, complete with hair pics and a giant ‘fro, Nox owned her ferocity. She took what was once used to, for lack of a better word, exploit, and elevated herself and her power to an insurmountable level. We hope to catch her in Denton sometime again soon.

Local comedians Nick Fields and Kurt Van Zandt swooped in for a half-time comedic relief, complete with a classic game of jeopardy and even a brief set from Nick Fields. Audience members were invited to participate in the game, which made for an even better event. After a member was selected, the audience spent the rest of the time pledging their allegiance to their fellow compatriot, calling out answers and screeching their cries of support when they were victorious. It was a great opportunity to experience a little bit of humor, and have a break to order brunch and more drinks from the bar. Did we mention that burlesque, waffles and waffle fries go perfectly together? 10/10 will do that again.

With the jeopardy game victoriously conquered by - you guessed it - the participating audience member, we were brought right back to the show with a steamy, sexy, flexy heel-bangin’ show out from DFW based performer, Olive Avira. Sporting a very grunge-punk-meets-domme costume, Olive flipped and rolled and SLAMMED those pleasers onto the stage to the sweet tunes of “Bitch Betta Have My Money” by Rihanna. Girl, whatever money you need, we literally have it for you. We were definitely jealous of Birdie Holly, who got a whole “faceful” of Olive’s performance.

Regular performer and host of Sue Ellen’s Dallas’ Tuesday Tease Stefani Miykles slayed us all away into the afternoon, closing out the show with a high energy, all-fab-no-drab drag performance. Her costuming was eclectic, vibrant, and all around fabulous, complete with what we think were two different incredible shiny fringe chokers. She showed us what it means to be a boss bitch, to work it and take that money you proudly earned doing what you love.  

The amount of curation and collaboration put forth to make this show happen really shone through from start to finish. These organizers and performers are passionate, creative, and pretty damn talented. Here’s to many more burlesque brunches to shake up the normality of a Sunday afternoon in Denton.