The Race for District Four: Amanda Servis's Heart for Denton

Although life has taken Amanda Servis to different states, the third-generation Dentonite has always returned. Servis has a passion for her community, seen in her work as owner and artistic director at Lucky Locks Beauty Bar and its offshoot Lucky Locks Hair Extensions, as a musician, and as events and marketing committee member of Denton County Friends of the Family, and beyond. For Servis, running for city council will only strengthen the voice of the community she loves. She cited District 2 city councilwoman Keely Briggs’s approach of holding community forums as something she wants to pick up herself.

“I am running because I believe the citizens of Denton, such as myself, need a stronger voice and there is a lack in transparency on City Council,” Servis says. “I want to make it easier for all citizens to be able to understand what is going on in our community and create more awareness on city issues. A lot of people in District 4 have attempted to contact their current representative and their attempts are sometimes ignored. A lot of people in the district feel very left out and we want to change that.”

Politics has always been central in Servis’s upbringing. Her goals have been ambitious in this arena since the third grade, when she made an illustration of herself as president for a school event. 

“My family always instilled in me that voting was a basic human right and very important if I wanted a voice. I have proudly voted since I was legally able to do so,” Servis says. “I divulged myself fully in politics at the age of 26. I made a goal for myself at last year's Denton City Council Debate at Dan’s Silver Leaf during the 2016 Denton City Council Election that if the seat became available for District 4, I would run.”

Servis foresees budgeting being a major issue for the city council in the immediate future and wants to “make sure we protect our citizens, our environment, our education system, and that we conserve our resources in order to improve our infrastructure.”

Servis, whose district includes several elementary schools and Guyer High School, noted a growing problem with gas wells in the area that she wants to fix and address if elected.

“The gas wells are not very well regulated and now people in the district — especially near Guyer High School — have methane coming out of water wells caused by leaking gas,” Servis says. “I want to immediately push for a city ordinance that will require all wells within city limits be tested on a regular basis and be tested by a third party company. Several wells are within just a few hundred feet of Guyer High School and close to multiple elementary schools and the school has a very poor plan put together to evacuate students and staff if an accident were to happen.”

Another issue Servis cares about deeply is education on sexual abuse and domestic violence, and she is looking to spearhead programs to teach the community.

“I am currently working on a city-wide campaign with Denton County Friends of the Family. I will also be heading the Cut It Out Campaign with DCFOF and doing training in Denton,” Servis says. “This is a national campaign to train hair stylists to recognize signs of domestic violence and sexual abuse and how to safely advocate for the victims.”

Servis has a dedication to Denton that runs deep and has reached out to so many in the community. She hopes to uphold the city’s unique charm while also making the voices of her district heard to a point of action.

“Denton is my heart, my everything. I love this town with my whole being and would do anything to make sure it stays the beautiful melting pot that it is,” Servis says. “Denton City Council was just my calling in that next step. I want to be an inspiration for women, my generation, and younger generations to stand up and to not be afraid. That we actually can make a difference. I hope to inspire more young people to get involved in their communities.”