Quiz Results: How Well Did Dentonites Know Their Local Bars?

Last Wednesday, we put out a quiz asking if you could name Denton bars just by their ceilings. We now have the initial results and the answer to the overarching question is kind of? The average score was a 6.45. So, somewhere between 6-7 was most responders limit. Most of the respondents got the 7/10 score which was our Apathetic Drinker category. The category essentially says that you have done enough in your bar expidentures and while some ceilings may be special to you, others aren't.

Even though DFW was where most of the responses came from Irving strangely had more responses to the quiz than Denton. Also, Beeville, Illinois had a solid presence on the heat map as well.

The good news is Paschall’s ceiling was one of the most recognizable with 95 percent of respondents guessing correctly for the aesthetic, little speakeasy.

Photo by Garrett Smith

The bad news is the Bearded Monk (declared Denton favorite of many) only had 49 percent of respondents guess correctly while most of the other answers went to Andy’s. Shame on you all for not noticing this air-conditioning pipe and pole was a completely different, distinct air-conditioning pipe and pole from that of Andy’s.

Photo by Estelle Dailey

 From all the responses, it’s easy to tell after some exploration, a majority has already found their spot or couple of spots and they are sticking to it.

Header image photographed by Garrett Smith
Header image layout designed by Mateo Granados