Preview: LSA to Reveal Third Annual Mural Project

LSA's rooftop murals are getting a third makeover in a project presented annuallyin association with Greater Denton Arts Council. The six artists to be featured are Dan Black, Erika Tolbert, Tristan Bradshaw, Carrie Adamson-Riefler, Jerod Davies and Mick Burson.

Georgina Ngozi, the GDAC executive director, expressed her excitement for her first year being part of the program.

 “It’s a positive experience for everyone involved. We really believe that it’s our primary responsibility to allow an opportunity for art to convene and showcase the talent of our local artists," Ngozi said.

She also conveyed her enthusiasm working with LSA to celebrate both emerging and established artists. “It’s great to have a place to build an exhibit and create dialogue about people and their shared spaces. It builds community,” Ngozi said.

LSA’s General Manager Kristen Allen also showed her support for the mural project.

“This is my favorite project we do at LSA," Allen said. "With our expansion, we had this great white wall and wanted do something with it. We had the idea to invite Denton artists to come and paint and give a live art show for our diners. Continuing [the project] with GDAC has been a great partnership.”

Allen believes this project brings something special to LSA and Denton in general.

 “It’s just a great way to combine food and art. We’ve always said that LSA is a museum that serves food. And the mural project is something fresh for our fans and tourists that come to visit the square," Allen said.

A couple of the artists participating in this weekend’s project were able to share their enthusiasm as well. Artist Mick Burson said this is the second time he has been a part of the project. His process for creating murals is capricious, and he is glad there is space for him to let his art take its form. 

“With murals, I don’t like to be the face of the wall. I try not to be connected to the piece so that it can have a life of its own, and people can experience the piece itself," Burson said. "I draw a lot of inspiration from the environment and energy. It’s all about going through life and seeing how art changes through experience. Art follows life, so I try to communicate that in the energy of my artwork."

Another artist, Carrie Adamson-Riefler, described what her piece for the upcoming project would look like and reflected on her profile as an artist.

“I consider myself to be a figurative artist. I wanted to do an environmental piece that would represent unity and would be based around the beauty of nature and the human spirit," Adamson-Riefler said. "I’ll be using a lot of hashtags like #unity, #surfrider, and #oceancleanup. I want to convey the idea that community can do anything."

Additionally, Adamson-Riefler expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to showcase her work.

“I just wanted to appreciate and bring awareness to the environment. I think it’s amazing that LSA gives artists a platform. It’s a great opportunity to speak about artwork, and I’m grateful that LSA and GDAC considered me going into this project,” Adamson-Riefler said.

The mural project will take place this Friday and Saturday at LSA. A celebration including food, drinks and live music will accompany the new artwork.

Keep up with the participating artists on social media by following the links below.

Mick Burson:

Instagram: @mickburson

Carrie Adamson-Riefler:

Instagram: @carrieadamsonrieflerart

Dan Black:

Instagram: @danblack_who

Erika Tolbert:

Instagram: @erikakatht

Tristan Bradshaw:

Instagram: @tristanbradshawtattooing

Jerod Davies:

Instagram: @dtoxart

Header image photographed by Ellie Gonzales at last year's mural painting.
Header image design by Tori Falcon.