Preview: Local Author Q&A at Wine Squared

Having trouble trying to finishing a sci-fi love story novel? Just an avid fan of good local reads and want to understand the process? Love wine and want to take advantage of any opportunity to down a glass? If so, Wine Squared has tailored a question and answer event around two local authors set for this Thursday, April 26 at 6 p.m. The event will also include book signings with the authors and wine menu specifically curated for the evening's soiree.

The event will be moderated by local book aficionado Joslyn Sandlin. Wine Squared hosts a variety of events, so Sandlin, a regular, decided to approach the staff. She said owner George Ferrie loved the idea and from there they began planning.

“It’s crazy what you can make happen when you just ask,” Sandlin said. “And when people on your team are caring and creative.”

One of the local authors, Jay C. Mims is a good friend of Sandlin’s who admires the work of the second featured author Emory Wolfe. Together, Mims and Sandlin approached Wolfe to which he agreed. The books which will be focused on are Skin Eater by Mims and The Place That Cannot Be by Wolfe. The evening will begin with questions from Sandlin, then lead into the authors asking each other questions, then they will take questions from the room before ending with the book signing.

Sandlin and Ferrie worked together to create a wine menu to pair with the tones of the two books of focus from the authors. With both of their works featuring on strange and dark themes, Sandlin and Ferrie focused on wines that were dry, dark, or had minerality but were still approachable and affordable for those in attendance.

The wine list is as follows:

Elena Sweet Red

Fortant Rosè

Kennedy Shah Red Blend

Domaine Thomas White Burgundy

Bodegas Hermanos Pecina Rioja Tempranillo

The authors' bios created by Joslyn Sandlin:

About Jay C. Mims:

He grew up in Lewisville and moved to Denton to study political science at TWU. He was recently accepted at Columbia College in Chicago to pursue his MFA and begins his program in August. He is a contributor for Into the Void magazine and is currently working on his second novel.

About Skin Eater by Mims:

Skin Eater is grotesque and fascinating, with a bizarre setup from page one: Samantha's ex-boyfriend shows up at her doorstep with a bullet hole in his leg and a corpse in his trunk -- a corpse that soon becomes Samantha's responsibility. Part-thriller, part-mystery, part-love story, Mims' novel is uniquely strange in a way that keeps readers thinking long after the story is complete. (Here's the Amazon page.)

About Emory Wolfe:

He lives in Denton with his fiance, his dachshund, and his cat, and he studies English at TWU. He has three novels available for purchase on Amazon, with The Place that Cannot Be as his most recent.

About The Place that Cannot Be by Wolfe:

Gritty and haunting, Wolfe's novel follows the revelation of the creator of the universe to all humanity. Our protagonist, Gregory, soon lights himself on fire to face God and take legal action against every horrible act humans have endured. (There's a full synopsis on the Amazon page.)

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