Preview: Art Show at J&Js

An art show will be hosted in J&Js Ol' Dirty Basement this Friday from 8-11 p.m. For $5, which goes directly to the featured artists, Dentonites will have the opportunity to see art by Eric Mancini, Chris Jessup, and Other Matters.

Curated by local magician Ritchy Flo, all of the artists featured in the show have created art that has spoken to him.

“They somehow capture the essence of how I have felt my entire life," Flo said of the artists he selected. He intends to tell stories about his own reactions to the art and why he has such admiration for these particular artists.

Jessup is the initial artist who piqued Flo's interest in art.

“I had always had this preconceived idea that 'art' was supposed to be pretty and elegant," Flo said. "When I saw these raw paintings that actually got electricity shooting around in my brain, I just kept thinking about it."

Mancini, though a bit elusive, is known as the “Trumpster” artist and more recently installed a vending machine in The Bearded Monk from which real life social media ”likes” can be bought, as well as Polaroid shots of local comedians, artists, and others who hang around the Bearded Monk frequently.

To Flo, including artist Other Matters was a no-brainer, as she evokes similar emotions from him as Jessup, with her repertoire including dark, thought-provoking pieces.  

While Flo selected which artists would be featured in the show, the artists will be selecting which works to display.

“This is going to be an experience,” Flo said. Those interested can RSVP to the Facebook event.

Header image by Michael Briggs.

Header image layout design by Christopher Rodgers.