PINT Services Rebrands: Opens New Location

From left to right: Bryan Levings, Ellen Levings, Jessica McReynolds.

Photo by Estelle Dailey.

The printing company PINT Services all began in 2016 after evolving from different businesses, headed by Bryan and Ellen Levings. Starting with a business called Denton Sustainable Creations in a tiny location, they were crafting furniture for breweries and tap handles, which later led them to their second venture, a brand new business called Nice Dudes Servicing Craft.

After servicing the brewery community for a while, they found they were now tightly weaved into it with several of the breweries becoming their clients. This gave them a network to lean on when they made the shift from furniture to printing. After a year-long lease under the name Nice Dudes Servicing Craft, more recent changes include a new location at  318 E. Oak St #130 and another name change to Printing in Numerous Techniques (PINT) Services.

“Bryan loves acronyms,” Ellen said.

PINT’s services offer screen printing, laser engraving/cutting, live t-shirt printing, and wood working - which is great for things like POP Displays. They do stickers, t-shirts, hats, and even custom requests.

“Our original four (t-shirt) designs were done by Meat Paw Studios. We’ve recently been working with new artists,”  Bryan said.

Bryan also shared that the majority of their t-shirt designs are a brand they have called “Steady Chuggin.”

In the moving process, as they were switching from Denton Sustainable Creations to Nice Dudes Servicing Craft, they found a warehouse on South Locust Street - but it came with advantages as well as disadvantages. It was a great open space to work, but on the flip side there was the absence of a storefront. It was just a giant work area with a tiny office area where people could come to pick up their products. The biggest issue was the heat.

“We had a lot of space working in the warehouse,” Ellen said. “But it got way too hot for the laser engraver, which has a chiller system to keep the laser from [overheating], but it got too hot.”

The best part about their new location is that it is close to several of the people they have worked with in the past. The new location has helped the business immensely, but don’t be fooled, they are not just chilling in their new AC. The Levings are still working hard, being included in several community events. The Levings have designed and been at events like Oaktopia, anniversaries for several breweries, and do four annual events for The Bearded Monk.

“We do about 100 or more events a year…maybe having like one day off a month,” Bryan said. “Collectively, it is just about four or five of us in total.”

Rain or shine, the Levings have worked in the heat of 113 degrees, the chill of  28 degrees, and successfully pulled off events in windy conditions despite having to place weights on their items as they go through the convention dryer.

Business ventures are not new to the Levings; they assisted with the start of some Denton favorites like Audacity Brew House in 2014, Harvest House in 2015, and The Bearded Monk in 2015.

They said they owe a part of their success to the Denton Community Market as well. When Ellen came back to Denton in 2012, the DCM had around 20-30 vendors - instead of the 100+ now. The Levings participated in this growth and said it helped grow the business.

With this new location,  they are still working on how exactly they want to design their space to be the best fit for their business. Additionally, Ellen has her own company, Just for Nice, which has jewelry among other things that she wants to display in the space as well. They are using cubes to block off the laser engraver and have t-shirts lined up on the side to display their work. Outside the store is a well-designed window cling graphic of a large white pint glass.

Although the business has been through several changes, the one consistent factor in their story is Denton.

“The Denton arts and music community is so tight knit. Seeing each other’s works and what we do for each other is a driving force of why people reach out and support each other,” Ellen said.

The Levings even have a calendar already scheduled with upcoming events all the way through November. You can also view past events. Plan to stop by PINT Services at 318 E. Oak St #130, Denton, Texas or check out their website here.

Photos by Estelle Dailey.

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