Denton's My Town Rocks! App to Start Beta Testing Soon

For a town that never lacks a communal effort to support local charities and each other, it only makes sense that My Town Rocks was developed by Vince Palasoto, a local Denton entrepreneur, as a platform for connecting community, non-profits, and businesses.

My Town Rocks takes the old school coupon book digital, offering real time deals from businesses within a 2 miles radius. There really isn’t anything out there today you can compare it to… except maybe Pokemon Go. With MTR you aren’t trying to catch the illustrious Pikachu, but whatever deal may have just been released from your favorite watering hole. It’s like a lure… an offer or special sent out by a local business to help increase foot track during slower hours. And it’s kind of brilliant.  

How many times have you looked at your bestie or other half and asked, “What do you want to do today?”  Well, MTR solves the problem for you. After logging on you can view real time deals from surrounding businesses in different categories. Whether you are looking for somewhere to eat, grab a drink on the cheap, or just find something interesting to do - MTR ,will provide a screen full of opportunities right at your fingertips. This digital app sends local business deals through different social media platforms, so no matter whether you tweet, double tap, or repost you can find the latest steals.

The My Town Rocks app offers a yearly membership for just $10, and every penny goes to local non-profits. Not only are you helping support local commerce, but also hometown charities.You also don’t have to worry about buying another bucket of that cookie dough from your neighbors kid, because MTR also works as a fundraising effort for your local PTA’s and Booster Clubs. Unique codes are provided to the organizations and whenever you sign up, or even renew your membership, the funds go to the same organization.

If you are a local business that is interested, you not only receive the guidance of a community agent that wants to see you succeed, but the app is also free to the business up until 5,000 total downloads. You get to try on this new concept and make sure it fits, before committing. With different levels of membership available, MTR can be utilized by any business, despite target market or industry, making it the one size fits all for anyone looking to increase their local commerce.

So, what about the non-profit side? Randi Skinner, of BlueSteel Solutions and an ambassador for the My Town Rocks App says that there are “handful of non-profits on deck”, excited and eagerly anticipating the abilities of this new app. “We are taking the relationships between the community and business that have already been developed, and putting them on a digital platform,” Randi explains. And in a day in age, where very few are without a cell phone near by, they appear to be tapping straight into the needs of today's society.

Beta launches once their goal of 150 businesses are signed up, and ready to take their marketing to the next level. The slow steps toward go live, prove the care and attention to detail they are willing to put into making this not just a success for local businesses, consumers, and charities, but the Denton community as a whole.

Header image design by Shaina Sheaff