Morris, Valdez, and Trantham Win in the Primary Runoff Election

In yesterday's primary election runoff, Andrew Morris and Lupe Valdez won the favor of Democratic voters in their respective race for Texas House District 64 and Texas governor. On the Republican side, David Trantham beat Mark Yarbrough in the race for district clerk. Diane Edmondson edged out Jim Carter for the County Commissioner Precinct 4 nomination. James Kerbow and Harris Hughey will be the Republican nominations in their bids for Justice of the Peace in separate precincts.

Morris watches election results come in at his home

Morris watches election results come in at his home

Morris survived an election where voter turnout was exceedingly less than in the March primary. Then 7,404 voters submitted ballots for the Democratic nomination for House District 64. Pruneda had the most votes with 3,076 but didn't earn the absolute majority necessary to win the primary outright.

In the runoff election, which was after university semesters had ended, only 2,867 ballots were cast.

Now the attention turns to November, where Democratic nominees hope to make a blue wave happen in Texas. The number of ballots cast in the March primary election indicates that'll be a tough goal to accomplish. In Denton County, Republican voters nearly doubled the amount of Democratic voters.

When asked how he would unite voters under the Democratic umbrella, Morris responded with "outreach" as a key to success. He said, "just being myself and realizing we have the same endpoint, we're going to keep that as our goal." 

Andrew Morris' election night speech to his campaign supporters can be viewed on The Dentonite Facebook page.

It was a historic night for Lupe Valdez, who is the first openly gay Latina to secure a major-party nomination for Texas governor. Her victory was in doubt at times as election returns occasionally showed her opponent Andrew White with a slim lead. 

In her victory speech Valdez said, "I am the candidate of the average, everyday Texan. And I will never, never, never stop working for you."

Election Day will be November 6, 2018

Summary of Results:


Texas Governor
Lupe Valdez - 227,642    53.05%
Andrew White - 201,442    46.94%
Total vote cast: 429,084    

State Representative District 64                
Andrew Morris - 1,549    54.02%
Mat Pruneda - 1,318    45.97%
Total votes cast: 2,867        


District Clerk
David Trantham - 4,601    53.39%
Mark Yarbrough - 4,016    46.61%
Total votes cast: 8,617

County Commissioner Precinct 4
Jim Carter - 2,052    48.68%
Dianne Edmondson - 2,163    51.32%
Total votes cast: 4,215

Justice of the Peace Precinct 3
William Lawrence - 643    49.12%
James Kerbow - 666 50.88%
Total votes cast: 1,309

Justice of the Peace Precinct 4
Don Cartwright - 1,538    42.10%
Harris Hughey - 2,115    57.90%
Total Votes cast: 3,653

Results compiled from the Denton County Elections website and the Texas Secretary of State webite.

Header image by Mateo Granados