Mable Peabody's Has Officially Closed

Updated 9/4/17 - 9:00 AM to confirm rumors of closing are true.

Mable Peabody's has officially closed. A producer from the bar confirmed, via personal communication with owners Kelly Sanders, yesterday that Mable's will close. Patrons who made their way to the bar last night said this was the bars last night of operations.

Sanders has not responded for comment. 

Original post from 9/3/17 -3:12 PM

Please, someone, tell us it ain't so. Last night, rumors surfaced saying that Denton's longest standing gay bar, Mable Peabody's, was set to close. A post on Reddit claiming the club was set to close "the day after tomorrow" got plenty of Dentonite's talking. 

Owner Kelly Sanders has not returned comment on the rumors. Last night, bar staff told The Dentonite they could not comment on the rumors but to check back tomorrow night. Nothing has been officially confirmed or denied by anyone who works with the bar.

The bar opened its doors in 1979 and served as a watering hole for members of Denton's LGBTQ community. In 2007, the bar burned down by the hands of an arsonist. Mable's reopened in a new location for Halloween in 2008.

Mable Peabody's is an important structure in Denton culture. The bar hosts music acts, karaoke, drag shows, and open mics in addition to slinging beer and booze to their patrons. And, you know, one of the last bars in Denton where you can still smoke inside. 

Should it not be closed today, Mable's is set to open at 5:00 PM. We will update this post whenever we have more information. 

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