Free Resource through Denton Library

Have you ever wanted to learn web development skills or become an Excel wizard? Maybe you want to learn how to design logos or play guitar? Perhaps you’re interested in starting a small business or you think there’s more for you to know about social media analytics. Whatever the skill you’re missing, there’s probably a learning path for you to learn it on If you have a library card with the City of Denton, you can learn it for free because with that card, you get full access to completely free of charge. Pretty cool, right? wants you to achieve your full potential by helping you learn the skills needed to do so. It’s an online learning platform that’s been around for 20+ years - yeah, that’s right, it existed more than 3 years before was a thing. With over 5,000 courses, there’s bound to be something of interest to you. If there isn’t, you might need to get out of your house more. 

Signing up is super easy. If you don’t already have a Denton library card, you’ll want to get that first by taking a current ID and proof of address to one of these locations. Once you have the card and a pin #, you just go here, sign in with your card and pin #, create an account, and that’s it! 

While we are real excited about having this resource available, it’s not the only great thing you can get through the Denton Public Library. Of course, there are books and movies galore, but they also things like public computers, meeting rooms, and all kinds of classes and events. For more information on all that, check out their website and follow them on Facebook