Linsey Fagan Reiterates Her Stance on Women's Rights

The Internet is nothing if not a free-flowing zone of unabashed criticism. Some Internet users are claiming Linsey Fagan (D-Keller), running for Texas’s 26th Congressional District, is anti-abortion due to a video of her speaking on the topic at a Q&A in Flower Mound this past spring, according to Fagan.

The edited video was shared on Twitter by a user whose profile states that they are "a purveyor of north texas [sic] political drama" along with the hashtag MAGA. In the video, Fagan talks with captions over it that question her wording. The caption accompanying the video claims Fagan is “pro-life, but pretending to be neither for political reasons.” 

In a private message, Fagan said, “I am very much in favor of a woman’s right to choose. I misspoke early in my candidacy because my primary focus is on preventative care. I just really dislike when people politicize such a personal decision that a woman needs to make with her and her doctor.”

Fagan said the Will Fisher campaign began circulating the false rumor that she is anti-abortion in October. Fisher is running against Fagan for District 26 as a Democrat also.  

“Primary voters are smart, engaged people and they don’t need a candidate to tell them how to research other candidates,” said Fisher in a private message. 

Fagan said the drama is distracting. And, the better her campaign does the worse it will get.

“I don’t want to add to the tension between the campaigns,” Fagan said. “I’m just trying to win on my own ideas and by building me and my community up – not by tearing others down.” 

Linsey Fagan has posted a statement on women's right on her campaign's Facebook page. She said:

Hello everyone, I want to take a second to address something I’m asked quite often as a politician: where I stand on the women’s rights/abortion issue.

Like so many women, this is a subject I have a hard time speaking about because of my own personal experience. So I will start there.

When I was 18, I was very independent. I moved out of my parents house the day I graduated high school. I worked full time as a waitress while going to college. Soon, I found myself a pregnant waitress at 18. I told a couple of my friends and coworkers, many of whom pressured me to have an abortion. I was told my life would be over. That my career would be over. I also have conservative parents, and I was terrified to tell them. But in my heart I knew what I wanted to do. And so I had her. I was 19 and scared for my life. I had no idea how to raise a daughter, but I looked at her, fell in love with her, and promised her I’d work endlessly to build her the life she deserved.

And now she is my entire world.

This was my choice. Some women make other choices. I believe either way, we have to stop using women as pawns in political agendas because these are sensitive decisions. Sensitive decisions that aren't a politician’s to make. Sensitive decisions women need to make with their doctors and their families.

This is why, in regards to women’s health, I like to focus on preventative care. It is a win for everyone. The aggressive abortion/anti-abortion fighting is hurtful to women. It puts us in an uncomfortable place. So instead of looking at the effect (unplanned pregnancy), I like to focus on the cause (lack of sexual education and access to adequate preventative care).
As a legislator you can expect me to focus on preventative care. You can expect me to ensure that we don’t lose ground on women’s rights. You can expect me to love, respect, and support women. All women.

I’m going to Congress to speak for myself, for the women in this district, and for every other woman out there who has had words shoved into her mouth by a man. I’m going to Congress for the women who have been told to shut up, or who have been told what to think or what to do by a man. I’m going to Congress for the women who, for too long, have had their choices dictated by men.

As this is a sensitive subject I welcome your personal thoughts but please remain respectful as the divisiveness caused by this subject is hurtful to women.


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