Ghosts of Denton Tour

October is the time of year to dress up in this year’s pop cultural/politically relevant costume, watch all the scary movies Netflix has to offer, and consume all that is pumpkin.  It is also the time of year to venture out around the beautiful Denton Square and check out all the best hauntings and hear the stories that have become attached to each building. Ghosts Of Denton is by far the best ghost tour Denton has to offer. 

Shelly Tucker is the tour guide for Ghosts of Denton and a fantastic story teller. She has been a professional storyteller for the past 27 years.  This tour is the result of research among Denton historical documents and our community’s ghost stories. She relies on the square to paint a backdrop for her words. The tour begins at The Discover Denton Welcome Center and moves around the square within a span of ninety minutes.  Each stop is perfectly placed to unveil Denton’s haunted past and present. 

Shelly is quick to grab her tour groups attention at the first stop right outside of Mad World Records. Her attention to detail within each stop gives the tour group a vivid imagery that will leave you questioning fact from fiction. What really sets this ghost tour apart from others is that Shelly takes stories she has heard throughout the years and intertwines historical information within each one. She recounts many stories that have been told to her by fellow Dentonites, as well as ones that can be partially validated by photographs and documents she passes around on a Ipad among the tour group. By the end of this tour Shelly was gathering even more information from some of the group member’s personal experiences with the haunted square. Shelly also personalizes her tour by contributing family and friends history to the haunted buildings.

This tour lets you in on a little bit of Denton’s seedy past. Without giving too much of the tour’s information away, The Dentonite can only divulge that the town’s little square was built off of murder, sex, and very angry ghosts. Whether or not you are a believer in the paranormal this tour will definitely have you and the rest of your tour group thanking the spirits for their time, you know just incase.  

Shelly does the tour year round, Friday and Saturday starting at 7:45. Be sure to book a your tour group spot at