The Dentonite's Guide to Surviving Mercury Retrograde

Back up that data Denton, Mercury went into Retrograde and it’s going to get a little crazy. My iPhone 6 has decided that 20% battery life should only really last six more seconds before the screen goes black, and wi-fi signal has been hazy all around town. I recently moved and transferred my Charter Internet service to the new address, but for some reason, the modem won’t reset and Charter isn’t calling me back like they ensured they would do by the end of the day. But hey! Fill out this customer service survey for us! (Best believe I did, too).

This is the time when you drop your cell phone and crack the screen, your cat jumps onto your desk and knocks that piping hot cup of coffee onto your keyboard, or maybe your Fitbit didn’t log that super epic 5mile run you did this morning. Maybe you walked, but it’s those steps, man! Here are a few resources that will be helpful in battling your technology woes:

CPR Cell Phone Repair Denton
2219 S Loop 288 Suite 206
(940) 247-3160

Denton Phone Repair
525 Fort Worth Dr #101
(940) 337-9694

The Local Circuit
308 Dallas Dr
(940) 484-8999

625 Dallas Dr #450
(940) 382-8644

Nick's Computer Services
1024 East McKinney Street
(940) 465-9150

As you’re traveling for the holidays, be mentally prepared for delays and cancellations. It could be clear skies where you’re going and coming from, but Mercury Retrograde gives zero foxes. Make sure to bring along a book to read, a crossword puzzle to work on, or be ready to bond with other travelers over who can find the replacement flight the quickest and for the cheapest.

Needing to stock up on some reading material? Check out Recycled Books. Need a fun and easy game to travel with? More Fun Comics and Games or Freaks & Geeks will have you covered.

Mercury Retrograde brings out the hermit in all of us. Why bother putting on pants and going outside? That’s what Amazon pantry is for anyways, right? The best way to pull yourself out of that Retrograde funk is to commit to doing something active. Participating in some activity that gets you out of your bubble and interacting with other humans, who are all going through the same thing you are. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities this time of year and there’s no better way to get your Karmic energy back into alignment than with a yoga class from one of the many studios around town. We even made it easy for you and listed some of them out:

Denton Yoga Center
118 W Congress St
(940) 597-4886

Authentic Yoga Life
218 N Austin St
(214) 395-6417

Karma Yoga Denton
All Over the Place in Denton
(214) 718-6942

Inspire Yoga
321 W Hickory St #104,
(972) 505-9764

It’s not ALL bad, though. Mercury Retrograde is usually the kick in the butt you need to tie up loose ends or drop that silly grudge. Really think about all the baggage you maybe holding onto and reconnect with an old friend. Maybe you actually finish that growing pile of half-done Pinterest projects that is hanging out in the corner of your room.  You can go check out Scrap Denton for all your supply needs and Faded Blue is bound to have the perfect project piece that would feng shui your living room.

This is also the perfect opportunity to be a little introspective, and practice a little self-care. Cut yourself a break, and be okay with everything getting a little hairy. Surround yourself with good vibes, and let Retrograde be the cause of some new and different experiences by making the most of its shortcomings. Your internet is down, and binge watching a show isn't an option, so you bundle up and find something out of the box to do, like finally catching Jazz NIght at GreenHouse or making it out to an Open Mic night at The Bearded Monk

It’s all about reading the fine print for the next few weeks, but don’t allow the small things to make you miss the bigger picture, YOU.  Be aware and present in the opportunities for your own personal growth, getting yourself back on track, practicing some patience, and kicking Mercury’s Retrograde ass Direct come January 9th.

Header image design by Brittany Keeton