Denton Yogis Take Flight

Where Yoga is about connecting breath with movement, AcroYoga connects two people through trust, communication, patience, and uniting each movement with the same breath. Being in sync with the other, taking two separate pieces to become one whole. Acro combines Yoga, Acrobatics, and Thai Massage. Don’t let that discourage you, though. To take part in AcroYoga you just need yourself and some humility.  

A group of passionate individuals meet on the square in between their busy schedules to lift each other up (literally) and learn what it feels like to take flight on a fairly weekly basis. They support and learn from each other, and through experience with Acro groups in Dallas, they are able to teach newcomers the foundations of an AcroYoga practice. 

Jake Kühler is one of the admins for the AcroYoga Denton Facebook page, and does what he can to remove the stigma that Acro is for “couples only” and shares the impact it has made in his life with others.

“Once I'd safely stowed my criticism, unleashed my adventurous side and "popped" my space bubble, I found acro yoga to be an incredibly fun way for two people to play with a mutual goal in mind while helping develop each other's strength, finesse, balance and communication skills and so much more," Kühler says. "I found it to be serious fun. Engaging in AcroYoga helped me encounter fantastic, diversely gifted and inclusive individuals from communities all over the world who've helped me become more adventurous, shown me how to build trust and added an incredible activity to my list of ways how to have a legitimately good time with friends,” he explains. You can follow their Facebook page to check out the meet ups and other workshops in the area. Just like with yoga, the hardest part about AcroYoga is showing up.  

International Acro Yoga instructors Nosa and Susie Edobar are stopping back through Denton on September 1st, and in addition to their workshop, they are throwing a Yoga Glow Jam in partnership with Karma Yoga to raise funds for the Arts of Denton. Nosie Yogi (Nosa + Susie) first found AcroYoga on a San DIego trip, and when they returned to Houston began searching for a local class. As with Denton, there were no certified instructors in Houston, so they found a class that was similar, and this provided a space where their passion for Acro continued to blossom.

These two are a great example of how you don’t need years of experience and a bunch of certifications to fall in love with AcroYoga, “We both had some yoga practice, but nothing extensive. Nosa also taught dance for many years. The great thing about AcroYoga is people find the practice through many different paths. Some are yogis, dancers, or rock climbers, while others have no experience at all. We think the most important thing is that you begin with an open mind.”

Though their home-base is Houston, and AcroYoga takes them overseas frequently to take part in festivals and international workshops. “We love connecting with individuals and communities from all over the world," Edobar says. "Seeing the impact this practice has had on people's lives is so inspiring. As a teacher, you get the honor of planting the seed that has grown a passion for AcroYoga in so many folks and we feel so lucky to be a part of that journey. “ To get to know this Acro duo a little better and take flight in your own practice you can sign up for the workshop through their Facebook or Eventbrite page, and even win a chance to attend for free at the Yoga Jam on Wednesday, August 31st.