Denton to get its own Drag & Burlesque Academy

Denton’s getting its own academy dedicated to the art of illusion, the training of the tease and another chance to express oneself in ways you may haven’t experienced yet. Introducing: the Denton Academy of Drag & Burlesque. One of the instructors, Scarlett Frenzy, said this academy will serve as a place where students - including and especially their moms - can come together and embrace their inner performer starting with some upcoming workshops on May 12th at their 101 S. Locust St location.

The DADB grew from early conversations in December when Scarlett and company were asked to bring their talents to the table by locals eager to get into the burlesque/drag scene.

“We originally discussed offering classes, but decided that building up clientele by offering monthly workshops for now was the best decision.” Frenzy said.

Fellow Instructors, Dallas-based Mina Panamour  and Denton’s own Drag Queen and nominee for Best Drag Queen of Denton (DAM Awards) Nayda Montana, will be there leading their own courses fit to their talents. These workshops will feature courses such as Intro to Drag, Burlesque, Strip Tease, Floorwork, Flexibility and more.  Each course is open to any and all levels of experiences, encouraging the mentality that this kind of art is for everyone.

What inspired this group to start in Denton? Why pick here to kick things off?

“Denton has such a rich art community, with forums dedicated to queer art specifically,” Frenzy said. “But, [it] does not currently offer classes dedicated to burlesque and queer art that’s wholly accessible by the community. We wanted to change that.”

Scarlett elaborated on the several shows dedicated to queer art and creating safe spaces — think Glitterbomb at Andy’s and their amazing job of welcoming new, seasoned, queer, and ally performers — it was unclear of whether or not Denton has a platform where aspiring performers can go, learn skills, and foster confidence to bring to the stage.

“We want our Academy to provide a body positive, safer space for anyone, even someone who just wants a fun way to exercise and get to know like-minded individuals,” Frenzy said.

Frenzy said the most exciting part is just the idea of being the first project which is offering this kind of space in town.

“Giving people in the community a place to be themselves, have fun, free of judgement. [We’re] also excited to assist anyone who may be interested in performing, and watching that growth transpire,” Frenzy said.

Prior to the workshops, the instructor team will host a Drag & Burlesque MOMovers and MOMosas specifically for moms, grandmas, and the motherly figure in your life, complete with a mini drag/burlesque makeover of your choice while enjoying mimosas. Participants will learn a short, easy routine to perform before the workshops truly begin.

We look forward to seeing what artists turn out and slay our little slice of Denton thanks to this woodwork and instructors putting in their all to make some dreams of Queens, Kings and Burlys To Be.

Each workshop is only $20. Book your spot today by following this link

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