Denton Threads: Arts and Jazz

Jeana Thompson

Thompson pairs her newly bought shoes with a blue dress to stay cool during the humid weather.

“I compared the color to the flowers and I was like...close enough,” Thompson said. “Every year, I look at people's outfits and think, ‘Shit, I should have worn that that...looks cuter.’ Every year I’m trying to compete. Jazz is the time to show off."

Haley Hackler

Hackler sports her newly purchased overalls for a 90s twist. Hackler's style is usually casual, with a few dress up days.

"I do normally dress up for Arts & Jazz or wear things that I wouldn't normally wear on the daily," Hackler said. "It's a once a year thing, so I figure why not put a little effort in?

I'm not sure why, but lately I've been into 90s styles. I've been watching 90s movies and shows and to me, that time period was just a fresh and fun time for style. I've been incorporating it into my outfits and that's what I was going for with the outfit in the photo.”

Photo by Elaine Padron

Stephanie Martinez

Martinez threw together an outfit perfect for chilly weather, while still dressing up for Jazz Fest.

“I love dressing colorful with a lot of accessories because I feel like the art part of the festival is about all the cool accessories you can buy there," Martinez said. "I honestly don't know what to call my style. [It] could be boho, indie, punk. I just always put a lot of styles together and make it all one.”

Photo by Amy Martinez


Karen Nguyen

Nguyen thrifted her entire outfit and only spent a whopping $10. She even ripped the pants herself. As far as style, this is what she had to say:

“I didn’t really dress for the weather," Nguyen said. "It was just really comfy. Generally, I wear bright clothes, just because I like the colors and just how it looks on me.”

Payton Schwantz

Schwantz describes her style as classier and aligns with older styles. Schwantz said she likes to dress older than her age regularly, more how her mom would dress.

“I wore it because it’s super festive and in Denton, there is so much creativity and fun," Schwantz said. "So, I decided to have that fun in my outfit. The outfit coordinated perfectly fine as it covered skin and kept warm especially with all the wind gusts that came by. I dressed for a chilly day and it worked out well."

Photo by Lynsey Wakeland

Kaeley Qualls

“I dressed for the weather," Qualls said. "I’m wearing a bralette under this because it’s getting hot, so I can take off this shirt and just wear that.”

“I was thinking for jazz fest...more people... wear the boho, more flowy stuff, like that. I was like, this shirt is perfect.”

Elena Mitchell

“I usually wore more long sleeves and pants and stuff like that, but since I’m out...”

“I wore the hat so I wouldn't get sunburned and it's just more comfortable at Jazz Fest," Mitchell said. "It was really more the first thing I saw. I get a lot of my inspiration from Korean celebrities.”

Christina Prater

Prater is wearing her favorite DIY shorts she made herself.

“I like a lot of 70s inspired, psychedelic, like burnt oranges and yellows," Prater said. "But, also it's like a crossover of like grunge fashion. I like to mix them. This is a little grungy-western because of the belt. Probably like a combination of three of those things like Texas-grunge-psychedelia.”

Nicole Saldana

Saldana decided to show off her new shoes and her love for floral at Jazz Fest.

“I like fashion. I like floral things or just all black," Saldana said. "I haven't really worn highs before, but I've been wearing them a lot lately. I guess, I've just gotten older and I like the way heels make me look because I’m so short. Heels make me look bit taller and I feel more put together. It just helps finish your outfit."

Header Image Design by Christopher Rodgers

Photos by Jackie Thompson