Pokestops and Coffee Shops: A Definitive Guide

If you haven’t been playing Pokémon Go, you can stop reading now.

Since that guy is gone, it’s time for some Pokémon Go real talk. It’s hard to be the very best like no one ever was when you’ve got so many other real-world things to take care of. You know, those necessities like “homework” and “jobs” and “watching cat videos.” Sometimes, you just have to stop chasing the Bulbasaurs, sit down, and get some work done . . . 

But that doesn’t mean you have to stop playing.

Denton’s local coffee shops serve perfectly as a place to get work done while simultaneously catching those elusive pocket monsters. We’ve done the legwork for you and compiled all the information on each shop below, so whether you want to stock up on Pokéballs, set up a Lure, or take over some Gyms, read on to see which shop suits your needs.

(Many of Denton’s PokéStops and Gyms are located at murals, which we’ve conveniently made an index of here. Check it out, and don’t forget to look up from your phone every once in a while.)

Big Mike’s Coffee 
Inside: 2 Stops
Walking Distance: 10+ Stops

BMC may be repainting their storefront, but thankfully they’ve left the two murals that serve as PokéStops intact. Both the Fry Street Alley and the Fry Street Mural are accessible Stops from inside the building, and both tend to get Lures placed on them consistently. When you inevitably have to get up to feed the parking meter, hop across the street to take advantage of all the nearby Stops on both Fry Street and UNT campus.

Cultivar Coffee 
Inside: 1 Stop
Walking Distance: 7ish Stops, 1 Gym

Cultivar has the distinction of being the only building that is itself a PokéStop (technically, the stop is Hypnotic Donuts, but let’s be real: if you’re stopping by for one, you’re getting the other, too). For walking distance stops, Cultivar is just within range of most of the Square’s Stops and the Gym/Stop combo at the Bayless-Selby House Museum (the Community Market area). 

Jupiter House 
Inside: 1 Stop
Walking Distance: 10+ Stops, 1 Gym

The Bank Building PokéStop on the corner of Hickory and Locust falls within Jupiter House’s reach. It’s the perfect place to use a Lure, as several uncommon and rare Pokémon appear close enough to that area for it to be effective. You’ll want to take frequent breaks to walk around the Square or to Dan’s Silverleaf to hit up the several Stops in the area.

Seven Mile Coffee Co. 
Inside: 0
Walking Distance: 1 Stop, 2 Gyms

While it may not be within indoor range of any PokéStops and only one within walking distance, Seven Mile does have two Gyms close by. For one walking break, take over the Gym at the Cupboard, and for the next break, head the opposite direction to the Leadership Plaque Gym on Carroll.

Shift Coffee 
Inside: 0
Walking Distance: 4 Stops, 2 Gyms

Shift doesn’t have any PokéStops within indoor range, but it has two Gyms practically next to each other on the opposite side of the Adagio. While you’re stretching your legs, make sure to enjoy the PokéStop that is the El Guapo’s Mural while you still can and pour some out for another lost Denton staple (but seriously, don’t actually pour out that delicious coffee).

West Oak Coffee Bar 
Inside: 0
Walking Distance: 10+ Stops, 1 Gym

There aren’t any Stops or Gyms within indoor range of West Oak, but it’s still on the Square. Take advantage of all those Stops on the Square lawn and stretch your legs often. (Pro tip: if you turn your phone’s WiFi off and on, you can sometimes make your avatar walk within range of one or two Stops. It’s rare, but it can be done.)

Zera Coffee Co. 
Inside: 1 Stop
Walking Distance: 2 Stops

That gorgeous mural on Zera’s back wall is a PokéStop, and it’s easily reached from inside. Put a Lure on it to attract all the Pokémon from nearby Quakertown Park (and several Water-type creatures which normally appear in the area, too). Take your outdoor breaks at the corner of Bell and Oak to make use of the two PokéStops across the street.