Preview: Denton Independent Motorcycle Show

It's about damn time we recognize unique motorcycles as badass artwork. These beautiful machines are often expressive of the rider who owns and maintains them. This weekend, the Denton Independent Motorcycle Show will present a two-day fest at the Greater Denton Arts Council that will showcase an impressive array of bikes as a pop-up art exhibit.

DIMS founder Kacey Close says, "I think one of the things that sets motorcycles apart from other modes of transportation is the ability to easily and fully customize them." Swapping out parts for improved performance is common, and Close believes the desire for personalization leads to riders connecting with the artist inside themselves. 

Close began riding around 2 years ago and embraced the motorcycle community which he describes as an amazing cross section of people. As he became aware of various motorcycle shows in cultural hubs such as Portland, Oregon and Austin, he didn't see why the same events couldn't happen in Denton. Close shared his ideas with others and developed a passionate group of supporters and volunteers. "We aim to show Denton what the world of custom motorcycles looks like, while also showing the motorcycle community what is so great about Denton," says Close. 

Over 20 motorcycles will be on display and visitors are urged to engage with the owners and builders of each work. Each ones carries a story that ought to be heard from the source. There will also be food trucks and vendors on hand.

Should you find yourself wanting to connect with this magnificent community, DIMS hosts regular social events for like-minded fans of motorcycle customization. They meet every Sunday from 9am to 11am at West Oak Coffee Bar. You can also find them at the Austin St. Truck Stop on the first Tuesday and third Thursday of each month from 7:30pm - 10pm. 

This weekend's two-day fest opens at 5pm on Friday, October 14th at the Patterson-Appleton Center. All works will be available to view until 11pm on Saturday the 15th. Check out their website and like their Facebook page to stay up to date on all their group gatherings. 

Photo courtesy of Denton Independent Motorcycle Show
Header image design by Jason Lee