Dating in Denton: Test Your Sex IQ

DISCLAIMER: This is The Dentonite's weekly dating column. These are the thoughts, opinions and experiences of the writer herself and do not reflect the views of the entire staff.

I am by no means an expert on dating or relationships as I lack what most people call “empathy” and am what my psychiatrist refers to as “delusional.” That being said, I get a LOT of questions about love and sex and reproductive health — so I’ve done my research both on and off the field.

I’m surprised at how little women know about their own bodies. How do we keep our reproductive systems healthy and functioning and fun? Beyond personal experience (they say we learn by doing but please learn from my mistakes), sites like were exceptionally useful to me when I first became sexually active. Texas public schooling did not at all prepare me for any sort of sexual pleasure; instead, I learned that having sex was horrible and evil and if I didn’t get pregnant and ruin my life I would get a disease and ruin my life. Surprisingly, I haven’t ruined my life yet — at least not by being promiscuous.

How well do you know your body? Your partner’s body? Take this quick quiz and see what you can learn.

How’d you do? What else do you need to know? I promise if I don’t know now, I will find out for you.

Vix is a sex and dating columnist for The Dentonite. Send her an email: Follow her on Twitter: @VixVickson.

Header image by Mateo Granados