DAM Awards 2019: Graphic Artist

The internet is prominent in this day and age and it has become easy to share your art with others. Denton is a city that loves unique graphic art and encourages its artists whenever it can. We care about the artists here and are using this opportunity to recognize and appreciate their talents. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite artists here - voting ends on February 10 at midnight!

Here are the 2019 DAM Awards nominees for best graphic artist:

Andi Harman

If you’ve gone to a show in Denton, chances are you’ve seen Andi Harman’s posters. Although she’s only been making posters for a couple years, she’s been a professional designer and art director for over seven. She cites that the support her art teacher mother gave her as a child, making sure she had access to supplies, has impacted her freelance work today. Her artistic influences include, but are not limited to, Mad Magazine, which she read as a child, the book series Amelia’s Notebooks, Raymond Pettibon, Kara Walker, Andrew Savage and hardcore punk flyers from the 1980s. Many pieces of her graphic art employ the use of few colors, unique graphics, a creative use of space and fun typography that fits the Denton vibe.

Taylor Higginbotham

Taylor Higginbotham is a freelance designer based in Denton. His designs are a unique feast for the eyes that have been lovingly cultivated by the DFW scene and he has been doing graphic design since 2008. For his designs, he likes to interact with what he is promoting in order to get a feel for it and know what he wants the work to look like. His works are interesting and fun in a variety of different ways that showcase the many aesthetics that make up this city.

Claire Morales

If you’re a fan of the music scene in Denton, you might have come across Claire Morales and her designs. Morales’s designs are bright, dynamic and bubbly. The clean lines in her art give off a fun, almost retro feel. The dynamism in Morales’s art is almost a calling card, as it can be found no matter what it’s for. Art that promotes her personal music projects, promotions for others, and in personal art, you can see her personality in it all.

Mallory Murphy

If you haven’t seen the semi-psychedelic collages of Mallory Murphy, then you are missing out. Murphy received her BFA in studio art in 2015, but has only been doing digital art since July 2018. Even when she was working with 3D mediums, such as metalworking and jewelry making, she commented that there was still a graphic element to her art. The inspiration for her spherical collages comes from a corner of a Takashi Murakami mural and she wanted to create something similar using found images.

Kari Presswood-Pearlman

Kari Presswood-Pearlman’s hauntingly interesting art works are a feast for the eyes. She has been doing art for fourteen years, graduating from UNT in 2015 with an art and design degree. Her works convey struggles of identity, desire and transformation with animalistic imagery. With her art, she explores themes of complex emotions with nature.

Header image via Unsplash.

Header design by Kylie Phillips.