Dallas Showed Up to The Women's Rally on Saturday

Women across the world staged marches to display their dissatisfaction with the freshly inaugurated POTUS, Donald J. Trump. Saturday morning at Dallas City Hall, thousands of people descended to march in solidarity against the newly minted administration. 

Trump has a habit of saying, and tweeting, what many see as misogynistic comments unacceptable from the man now in charge of the United States. Just a few weeks before the election, a video surfaced that showed Trump boasting of sexual assault, and the now infamous quip, “Grab Them by the Pussy.” Indeed, many marchers today sported signs maligning his words. 

The Dallas Women’s March Facebook event page shows around 3,300 people that planned to attend. Many people we spoke with during the event agreed there was likely more the 10,000 people in attendance. It’s even more staggering that it was a 2.2 mile walk from City Hall to the Communication Workers of America building. Police told marchers at one point the chain of people was more than a mile long. 

We stayed close to the front of the march, so we could see the mass of humanity coming in for almost an hour to fill the streets near the CWA. The crowd chanted throughout the entire march, with slogans like “women united can never be divided.”

One Kim Jackson told us, “Women’s rights are important to me, but all human rights are important to me. I think that with the change in our government at this point, that our voice, we’re the boss, we’re the boss, our voices are the ones that need to be heard.” 

Beyond the concerns about his lewd statements about women, the defunding of Planned Parenthood is a major concern for many of the protestors. The organization estimates if defunded, as promised by the incoming Republican majority, more than 2 million women could lose access to healthcare. Conservatives cite abortions provided by Planned Parenthood as their main concern, but federal money has been disqualified for such procedures since 1977. 

Abortion itself was also a key issue for the thousands of people on the streets today, with a huge number of signs reading, “My Body, My Choice.” The fear is that the incoming administration could clamp down on the availability of the procedure. 

Dallas Police provided escort along the entire route, and traffic was affected as the mile long chain of marchers made their way through Downtown and Deep Ellum. 

Saturday’s march here in DFW was in conjunction with marches in Washington D.C. and across the world. It’s estimated that more than 500,000 descended on the Capital, with more than a million participating worldwide. 

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Photos by Caine Jefferson
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