VIDEOS & PHOTOS: Counter Protesters Shoo Off Confederate Supporters in Downtown Denton

On Saturday morning in Downtown Denton, a group of Confederate supporters from out of town gathered next to the Confederate monument. The group said they were informed of the demonstration last minute via a Facebook event created by Troyce Hendricks and Carol Mize. 

One demonstrator said that they travel around the United States to support the Constitution and our history. There were approximately a dozen Confederate supporters in Downtown Denton this morning.

James Del Brock, the organizer of a group called Hiway Men, said that a group of people came in from Arkansas for this demonstration. They wore bright yellow shirts that said "The HiwayMen." Del Brock said that his group was at the Charlottesville protests as well. 

About an hour into their demonstration, counter protesters showed up. A Denton police officer said there were about 50 counter protesters that showed up.

Supporters of the Confederacy left and the counter protesters followed them out around 1:00 PM despite the fact that their event page said it would last until 2:00 PM.

The weekly rally against the Confederate monument in Denton will take place again this Sunday from 6 - 8 PM in the same spot. The Confederate Demonstrators were not aware of tomorrow's event, one of the Hiway Men said. 

Images by Tiffany Johnson
Videos and header design by Sara Button