Comedians of Denton are Arguing About Chicken

On November 29th local up and coming comedian David Eller succinctly expressed his opinion on Raising's Cane's.


This prompted a firestorm of passionate comments from others in the local comedy scene, including Nick Fields, Joey Johnson, and Zachary Arredondo.


What followed has been called "the most Denton thing that has ever happened" by some. With comedians and Denonites alike weighing in on #chickenbeef, later known as #chickengate


Families were torn apart....


All week our newsfeeds were flooded with "chicken this" and "chicken that."


People implicated themselves in crimes and invited friends out to eat, just to later switch teams. Somewhere Chantz Eaton sobs alone. 


Friends became foes...

Joey Johnson went on Facebook live for THE.CAUSE

Zachary Arredondo offered us a feminist perspective. 


Nick Fields, a staunch supporter of Chicken Express, produced a video with fellow Express Yourself enthusiast Javoris James, which has been viewed 4.9K times. 

 Fuck Gaylord ICE! Fuck your ugly sweater Chtistmas parties.  Fuck pictures with Santa. This debate has culminated in the true event of the season: #ChickenGate2017 Taste Test at the Bearded Monk. Tonight at 9:00 PM, the comedians of Denton will finally end the Chicken Civil War.

So what do you think, Denton? Are you team #NotMyTenders or team #ExpressYourself? Is the Colonel a schmuck? Would you let a Popeye's lover walk your dog? 

Header image by Christopher Rodgers