City Council Will Vote on Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Ordinance

The city council is voting on a new ordinance today that would allow the city manager or designee “to execute non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements as needed” by item 2B in Items for Individual Consideration on the agenda.

The ordinance labeling the “city manager or designee” as the one to execute the agreements and not labeling it “by council” raises some concerns as to put it in the hands of one person rather than a council to decide.

Without it being by council it could raise some concerns as to the public and how much information is disclosed at their hands.

The agreement however is meant to be executed with reason of “the inability of the city to use such agreements, and use them timely, limits the city’s ability to participate in initial discussions of opportunities that may be beneficial to the city” according to the NDA Confidentiality Delegation Ordinance.

According to the agenda information document attached to section 2B on the agenda it states that with the ordinance “It is the intent of management to only initiate a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement when it is absolutely necessary when it is absolutely necessary and in the best interest of the City of Denton”

The concern for this ordinance is for how much this will take away from council and what the public knows if it is in the hands of one person specifically.

Former Denton Municipal Electric employee Trey Price said in a comment to this story on Twitter it shouldn't be of too much concern.

"NDAs are frequently used when a vendor is wanting to protect their Intellectual Property," Price said. "If council had to vote on each one it would grind city business to a complete halt."

The agreement is being voted upon tonight and has been approved by the city attorney.

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